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Tampico Progress Newspaper

Dec. 21, 1905


Postmaster RICHARDSON has been authorized and directed and change  Route No. 2. The route will be as follows: Beginning at Tampico office:


South to City Limits -                                        1/4
West to MCCREEDY'S corner                           1
South to BERGE corner                                     7 1/8
West to JOHNSON corner                                  1 3/4
South to RUCK corner                                        1
East to church and school house                         2 3/4
North to F. DRONENBERG'S & return                  2
East to DALE corner                                           1 1/2
N. & W. and N. to WHITTINGTON'S                      1 3/4
W 1/4 m. N. to STENROSE corner                       1 3/4
W. Northwesterly and N. to City                            6 1/4
North to Post Office                                              1/4
Glen STEADMAN is carrier on this route whichis the longest one of the four covering 26 7/8 miles, serving 102 houses and a population of 510. 


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