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Tampico Tornado
Saturday, Jan. 19, 1901


The Institute was opened by a song entitled "Anywhere." The Lord's prayer was next repeated bya ll, followed by a song "America."

The first class called was a class in Arithmetic conducted by Miss Anna L. CONBOY of Hume Center.

The second a class in Geeography conducted by Hatford R. GREENLEE of South Hume.

Recess 10 minutes.

Miss Emma BEARDSLEY of West Hume conducted a class in Geography.

Miss Estella DAVELER of North Hume conducted a class in U. S. History.

A short insturctive discussion followed each recitation.

Noon 1 hour.

The afternoon session opened  with a song after which came an excellent program.

Recitation, Mable CLARK, West Hume.

Instrumental Solo, Effie CHAPIN, Hume Center.

Rec., Lizzie HAND, North Hume.

Vocal Solo,  Fannie PLUMLEY West Hume

Ciolin Solo, Fay RUSSELL, East Hume

Recitatin, May SCHELER, East Hume.

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