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Tampico Tornado Saturday, May 26, 1894

W. H. HARRISON shipped 1560 dozen of eggs last Monday

Supervisor Henry WETZELL, of Hume, was in town Monday.

Clip the coupon and secure the Portfolios of Work's Fair Views.

"Chock-full" - fly nets of all kinds and prices. - C. F. SIPPEL

FLECK now owns a circus horse. He traded off his mule for the animal.

The Tampico delegation had a damp, muddy ride to Morrison, Wednesday.

Albert GLASSBURN carries his hand carefully done up in bandages, the result of a bad cut.

B. D. GREENMAN & Co., have a full line of Stock and boys' saddles and will sell them at waydown prices.

Mrs. Ed. GRISWOLD passed through this place Wednesday morning on her way to her home at Springfield, Ill.

Dave HOTCHKISS of Hume, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Emma, were visitors in our village Tuesday.

Reports say that there is to be a new elevator built at Deer Grove. Walnut parties are at the headof the enterprise.

Miss Edith MCKENZIE, who carries the mail from here to Yorktwon, has had a rainy, muddy  time doing her trips of late.

Miss Edith MCKENZIE  and Mrs. Dr, G. W. WHEELER of Yorktown were callers at the tornado office Wednesday morning.

J. C. PAICE has had his store room nicely painted and papered. It looks much imporved since McCLURE has finished the work.

Alf. SMITH & Bros. shipped a cornplow to parties living near Chicago, Thursday. They are reaching out a good ways for trade.

The unusually fine display of milinery at Miss HIGDAY'S tells of her trip to Chicago. Better examine her goods before buying.

Gophers are said to be very numerous this year. The odest inhabitant rises and avers that he never saw them so thich as now.

Will STILSON has been a  little under the weather this week. His side troubles him by spells and this week it is somewhat worse.

James GRAHAM, the West Side butcher, has had his meat market and living rooms newly painted. The market looks very inviting.

C. F. SIPPEL sold his carriage horse to a party in Sterling last week. Th person who bouht it wanted it for a family horse and he got a good one.

We have a fine line of Lap Robes and Fly nets In all grades and prices. Call and see them. - B. D. GREENMAN

A farmer at Deer Park uses a steam engine to do his plowing with. The power works four 16-inch plows. He says it is proving a great success.

There was a large turnout of the Catholics last Sunday. Father KEARNEY is meeting with good encouragement here as his large congregations plainly show.

H. MELVIN of New Bedford, who lost his store building and goods by fire a short time ago, is building a new store and will soon be re-established at the old site.

There have been three deaths by consumption in the country around here within the last week. Mrs. Gus HEIN, her sister, Miss DAWSON, and Mrs. Wm. SHERE.

Wm. E. HURLBERT is doing some good work grading on some of our streets. The work on Lincoln, Cherry, and First streets makes a great improvement.

We publish this week the annual report of the Teasurer of the Highway Commissioners and School Treasurer. These offices are held by John DEVINE of Hahnaman.

Farmers if you want a good reliable, substantial and servicable tank made, call upon Joseph KEMP at his old wagon shop on Main Street. He makes the best.

Anyone needing a single or double Driving harness should get our pricees, before buying. We can save you money. - B.D. GREENMAN & Co.

Silas BRECKENRIDGE is at present visiting his parents.

Frank STEWART, of Hume put up a new windmill Thursday.

It is said that cornfields look as if they had the yellow fever.

Attend the basket social at Yorktown, Saturday evening, May 26th.

Ray MCKENZIE put inseveral days visiting at Yorktwon this week.

W. E. HURLBERT bought a fine light double harness of C. F. SIPPEL this week.

Mrs. John RAYNOR was a caller at the Tornado office Thursday and left her order for visiting cards.

Mrs. Ray MCKENZIE was ill with the measles this week. This makes three times she has had them.

H. ALDRICH, of the Mahan Music House of Sterling was down here Wednesday and left a fine Vose piano at DeWitt WEST'S.

Joe OLSSON is right in it with the rest of them, for he too has bought a brand new Victor No. 4 safe of J. E. GREENMAN

Alfred WILKINS and Miss Mary BRILL were married at the home of S. A. LANGDON, in Morrison, Thursday, May 23rd, in 1894. Rev. J. A. J. WHIPPLE officiating. Miss BRILL formerly resided in Tampico, andher brother is now making his home at A. S. BREWER'S.

John LaRUE who has been prospecting in the south for the past few weeks returned home last Thursday night with a deed of a 300-acre farm safely stowed away in his inside pocket. His purchase is located at West Point, Mississippi, and the price per acre paid was $5.00 He reports favorably of the country and intends moving there.

Two women took sixty chickens to market. One woman sold her thirty chickens at the rate three for $1.00. The other woaman sold her chickens at the rate of two for $1.00. The merchant said "Two chickens for $1 dollar and three chickens for $1.00, equals five chickens for $2.00. Five is in sixty twelve times, and twice twelve are twnety-four. Here are $24, divide it to suit yourselves." The women complain that the merchant cheated them out of one dollar. Will some of our readers explain the merchant's mistake, if he made one.


Report of school taught in District No. 10, Prophetstown township Whiteside county, Ill., for themonth ending May 23rd, 1894:

No.days taught, 22.
No. pupils enrolled, 15
Average daily attendance, 10
No. not absent, 3
Names of those not absent during themonth: Pearl McGRADY, Bert MCGRADY and Lilla BLACK.

Irma G. ALLEN, Teacher


ADVERTISEMENT - New Firm! New Shop! - B. D. GREENMAN & Co. have opened a new harness shop. In theoldPost o\Office Building on West Main Street.

J. K. CHESTER - Sterling, Il: Clothing, Parasols/Umbrellas, Boots.

N. CARPENTER & Co. - Sterling, IL Clothing

Millinery - Mrs. R. A. TRACY's, Sterling, IL (Third Street, opposite First Nat'l Bank)

W.H. HARRISON - Clothing - General Store

A. E. BURRESS, DDS,Walnut, IL - Will do work at Dr. Smiths office in Tampico every Tuesday.

Dr. F. R. TIMMERMAN, DDS - Will be at Needham's Gallery in Tamico, Wednesdays andThurd\sdays of each week.

B. D. GREENMAN, Tampico, IL - "Did you Ever Use It? - Are you thinkin gof painting any this summer? If youare you had better get posted. It will pay you to investigate the new Scheme:
"THE NA'L LEAD CO'S TINTING COLORS." Which, used inconjunction with pure White Lead and Pure Raw Linseed Oil, will CUT DOWN YOUR PAINT BILL FIFTY PER CENT. Besides being th eBest that Money can Buy, Call and investigate."

FERNBERG BROS. Clothiers & Furnishers,  12 E. Third St., Sterling, IL

E. D. DAVIS (Successor to DAVIS & WEBER), Sterling, IL - China Silks

A. L. HECKMAN - Silks, parasols

MEYERS & ESHELMAN - 213 Third St., Sterling, IL - Paints and oils.

CRADDOCK BROS. - Notary Public and Insurance.

Dr. D. J. POLLOCK, DDS - Will be in Tampico evrery Friday, until further notice. Teeth extracted and filled without pain.

M. L. WASHBURNE - Meat Market, Tampico, IL

Alf. SMITH & Bros. Plows, Drags, Harrows, Seeders, etc. Wagons, Buggies, Stoves, Hardware, Etc.

Sterling Granite & Marble Works - W. J. MOORE, Prop.

LYNE & RAYNOR, Tampico, IL - Hats, Shoes, Dry-Goods, Groceries.

C. F. SIPPEL - Harness, Blankets,Robes, Brshes, Whips, Curry Combs, Harness and Machine Oils. Repairing neatly and promptly done.

CHARLES WEST, Dealer in Groceries, Flour, Tea, Col\ffee, etc. Tobacco, Cigars, Candies, Nuts, Fruits. (Iam located at Job. GREENMAN'S Old Stand and respecfully solicity your patronage.

J. C. Paice, Tampico, IL

A. C. SMITH, Physician and Surgeon, Office inGreenman's building, Tampico, IL.


Mrs. J. W. R. STAMBAUGH - Wallpaper, Sterling, Il

L.J. KENDALL - Lumber, coal, Brick and tile.

J. H. Daley - Dealer in Groceries, confectionery, Baker's Goods, Flour, Spices,Tobaccos, Cigars, etc. Fruit and oysters in their season. Cold Drinks, pop, Lemonade, Birch Beer, etc., Tampico, IL

Humane Dehorning Co. - Agent, A. S BREWER, agent for Whiteside Co. Also at C. F. SIPPEL's Harness Shop., Tampico, IL

A. R. HENDRICKS - Wall paper.pposite Galt House, Sterling IL

Glen CRADDOCK & Co. - Farm Implements. Plano Binders and Mowers, Empire Binders and Mowers,Sold and warranted. Deer Grove, IL




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