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From Tampico Tornado Newspaper

The following was submitted by Les Niemi, who has been transcribing the old TAMPICO TORNADO NEWSPAPER -

 October 12, 1916 FORTY-FOUR YEARS IN BUSINESS Forty-four years transacting hardware and implement business on the same lot in Tampico is the record of Alfred SMITH, October 3, Tampico's pioneer business man who probably holds the record in Whiteside county for the longest period of mercantile business located in the same place in the same city. He bagan business Oct. 3, 1872 and has been continuously transacting business in the same lot on west Main street where he started nearly a half century ago. For many years during that time his brother, Fred W. was associated with him and in 1898 they merged from their old wooden building into a fine brick block although the old building is still doing its duty as warehouse adjacent to the brick. On the retirement of Fred W. SMITH a few years ago L.E. SMITH, a son of Alfred SMITH was taken into the firm and is now associated with his father in conducting it. The firm has always enjoyed a good trade during the many years and keeps up-to-date with the changing of the times and years. In looking over the old, first day book, Alfred SMITH found some interesting things recorded 44 years ago. Dan'l FOY's name appears first on the old day book and in these times of the high cost of everything hark back 44 years ago to these prices. Mr SMITH found nails were sold at 8c per pound then and are now 5c, common stove pipe was then 40c per joint and now they growl when they are asked to pay 20c, no. 8 scoop was cheap then at $1.85 and right now a good one can be had for $1.00, a coal hod cost 90c then and now nearly 50c for a galvanized one, white lead then when tere was no war sold for $13.00 per 100 pounds and now with all Europe enjoying a leaden shower it only sells for $11.00, a four tined fork sold for $1.25 then and now sells for 90c with everything else in proportion. An entry on the old page shows that farmers recieved the very high price of 14c per bushel for their corn - its selling for 80 now. When you get blue fighting the high cost of living read a chapter in Alfred SMITH's old day book.

(submitted by Les Niemi)

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