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Articles & Local History > Hay Knife Fractures Skull of Small Child - Margaret McGrady 1916

TAMPICO TORNADO November 2, 1916


Hay Knife Fell Off Straw Stack And Fractrued Little Girl's Skull

Little Margaret McGRADY the three year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McGRADY who live southwest of here sufferd a bad accident last week Thursday morning when her skull was fractured by a falling hay knife. She was on a load of straw with her father as has been her custom to accompany him around in his work often and while on the load the knife fell off the straw stack and struck her fairly on the top of the head inflicting a bad wound which required a number of stitches by Dr. WILSON who was called hastily. Friday partial paralysis of the right arm and limb appeared and fearing the skull had been driven into the brain matter, she was taken to Chicago by her parents and Dr. WILSON to the West Side hopital where three X ray pictures showed that the skull had been fractured but not pressed against the brain. She has recovered the use of her members and it is thought an operation to open the skull will not be necessary. Her mother is at the hospital with her and she is receiving the best of medical attention with special nurses and surgeons. The parents and grand parents have been distracted since the accident but since the clouds are clearing and the little lady is coming along all right they feel much better.

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