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Tampico Citizens Banquet and Fete Their Soldier Boys At Rousing Meeting

Tampico citizens gave her solder boys a rousting send off last week Friday evening. The boys were banqueted and then wished God Speed in a rousing patriotic meeting in Burden's opera house. The banquet was serveda at 7 o'clock at Cook's restaurant and was particiipated in by the soldier boys and their parents, also Mayor Fred W. SMITH and wife and Robert COLLNS and wife.. Mr. COLLINS being a one armed old Union scout who with Mr. SMITH were sponsors for the big send off. Rev. W. J. EYLES, commander of the Sons of Veterans came and his sister, Miss EYLES were guest of honor. The following is the menu of the fine banquet served:

Fried Catfish   Roast Beef
New Potatoes   Onions   Radishes
New Peas   Olives   Biscuit
Berries   Ice Cream   Cake
Coffee   Ice Tea

The table decorations were roses and carnations donated by Mrs. A. T. GLASSBURN and Fred SHANKS. There were thirty-three  present at the banquet.

Following the banquet the soldier boys, parents and guests went ot Burden's opera house where the following soldier boys occupied seats of h onor on the stage; and were heartily cheered by the large crowd as they took their seats: Harold GLASSBURN, Guy ELMENDORF, Orville MEREDITH, Art MINIER, Willard YARDE, Walter ANDERSON, Vernon WOODS, Lieuts. A. S. HORN and R. H. WILSON of the Medical Reserve Corps were also called to the stage and took their seats amid cheers. Private Thomas COLLINS was absent and Veterenarian E. TEMPLE of the reserve corps was also absent. Members of the Grand Army Post with Commander H. A. WOODS also occupied the rostrum.

Mayor F. W. SMITH an old soldier presided and after a few remarks  and the reading of the names of those who had enlisted from Tampico up to that time, he introduced Rev. W. J. EYLES who spoke briefly  a touching incident of his address being the singing of his request by the women of the audience of "Blest Be The Tie That Binds." Miss Lillian BOLLENBACH gave a fine reading and on its conclusion she was called back to the stage and all the soldier boys and Grand Army Veterans saluted her after a short speech by Commander H. A. WOODS.

Representative F. A. BREWER was called upon and gave a short talk telling of his visit to the new aviation field at Rantoul. Father T. B. McCORMICK was then introduced and made a fine patriotic, stirring address to which he told Tampico's soldier boys that the people of Tampico would follow them in their thought and minds no matter where they went and would carefully watch everything they did. The soldier boys were then presented carnations and roses by Miss BOLLENBACH after which they were requested to line up in front  of the stage and the audience filed past and everyone gave them a harty handclap and God Speed. There was sheeering and there were some tears but the meeting showed that Tampico citizens loves its  who have gone out at their country's command.

The meeting  is said to be one of the best war rallies ever held in Whiteside county and much credit for its success is due to Robert COLLINS an old soldier and a member of the general arrangement committee. The total collectins made by Mr. COLLNS to defray the expenses were:
Contributions -                       $31.25
Expenses Bangquet $24.75
Hall rent                      5.00
Cigars                         1.50     _____

An orchestra organized for the occasion rendered some stirring music including the patriotic airs and the music was appreciated by everyone. Manager BURDEN donated the use of the opera house but the committee paid his light and janitor bills. J. H. DALEY was committee named on music.

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