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TAMPICO TORNADO March 18, 1920


Following a fine banquet held in the basement of the Methodist church last week Friday evening a Men's Club was formed. The banquet was served by the Ladies of the Aid society and consisted of creamed chicken with biscuit, mashed potatoes, pickles, beets, bread and butter, jelly, coffee, pie. There were 61 men who sat down to the well laden tables. After the men had removed many of the articles in sight, chairs were pushed backand Rev. H. C. BROWN in a few words told of the need of a men's club in the community and introduced Rev. GALE, the district superintendent who gave a short, spirited witty talk with some very distinct, new modern ideas on Men's clubs and amusements. He was followed by Prof. CLUM, Prof. HELLIER, F. A. BREWER, A. T. GLASSBURN an others. A nominating committee consisting of J. L. WETZELL, J. J. KEPNER, F. A. BREWER, L. E. CHAPIN, E. W. MEREDITH was appointed and this committee selected the following as officers of the new club which were unanimously elected:

President - A. E. BENNETT
Vice Pres. - R. E. McKENZIE
Secretary - N. E. DENISON

The ladies were given a vote of thanks for the supper served and all the men present expressed themselves as having spent a delightful evening.


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