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TAMPICO TORNADO March 18, 1920


  • John MACKIE to Arthur ROGERS, land in Tampico, $2,400
  • Fred W. BERGE to E. J. NEARING, land in Sterling $2,900
  • Nettie C. WASHBURN to Jed McKENZIE, land in Prophetstown. $27,000
  • Wm. C. WASHBURN to Jed D. McKENZIE, land in Prophetstown $24,000
  • Curtis L. MINER to Wilson COURTRIGHT, land in Hume, $17,200
  • Ida May HEISS to Edward SCHULTZ, land in Sterling, $7,500
  • Tracy A. PIERCE to Henry C. PITTNEY land in Tampico $5,000
  • Alice B. ROOTS to Anna PIERSON, land in Tampico $16, 480
  • Sadie HARRISON to Minnie A. REINAGLE, land in Tampico $3,000
  • Jed D. McKENZIE to Tony E. HARMSEN, land in Hume, $27,000
  • Carl CARLSEN to John D. MALONEY, land in Tampico, $14,400
  • Nicholas BURRETT to E. H. BUTTERFIELD, land in Tampico, $59,850
  • John O. NEEDHAM to Frank PETERSON, land in Prophetstown, $16,000
  • Edward DeVINE to August LAUFF, land in Hahnaman, $36,000
  • William J. McCREEDY to James DeVINE, land in Hume, $63,857.50
  • Sophia BACKER to William J. McCREEDY, land in Hume, $52,521
  • Henry N. HILLERNS to William F. BERGE, land in Lyndon, $33,250
  • Daniel J. BARRY to Ralph M. WYLIE, land in Hopkins, $35,000
  • Burghart BERGE to H. FALFS(?), land in Lee County, $43,000
  • Robert J. BESSE to Clarence G. COVELL, land in Portland, $27, 387.50
  • G. D. MAXFIELD to Bridget E. MAXFIELD, land in Lyndon, $12,075
  • John L. SIMANTEL to Elmer R. JONES, land in Tampico, $3,352.40
  • John G. ANDERSON to Edward S. MEARLE, land in Tampico, $16,000
  • Emma GLASS to A. G. JOHNSON, land in Prophetstown, $60,000
  • James H. CONROY to John DeVINE, land in Deer Grove$3,000
  • Catherinie MALEE to John McGUIRE, land in Hahnaman, $7,600
  • John J. McENROE to Jacob LAUFF, land in Montmorency, $27,680
  • Estate Walter E. FINKENBINDER, deceased, claims allowed, Clinton Grocery Co., $259.73; Alexander Co., $25.50
  • Estate of Sumner M. HARRINGTON, deceased. Petition for private sale of personal property, filed, considered and allowed and sale ordered.

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