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Articles & Local History > General News - June 8, 1876


The Tampico Tornado was established in May 4, 1876 through Dec., 1966

  • M. E. Church - Preaching at 10:45 a.m.; Sabbath school at 12 n; preaching at 8 o'clock p.m.. C. H. HOFFMAN, Pastor
  • Hungarian seed for $1.00 per bushel, at T. S. BEACH'S.
  • In Morrison the people surprise their school teachers by paying them a visit during business hours.
  • Enterprise wind mills, (Perkin's patent) at A.SMITH'S.
  • The fast train that traveled from New York to San Francisco in eighty four hours, was all the talk last week.
  • Mr. J. J. VAN VOLKENBURG, of this place, started last Monday evening on a flying trip through the northern part of Alabama. He expects to be absent about a week.
  • A full stock of school books and fancy stationery at T. & F.'s
  • It takes bur five minutes for Morris FITZGERALD to fine the boys three dollarsand costs for disorderly conduct. That's right Morris bring them down to Limerick.
  • B. F. WILLLIAMS says that he has the best nickle cigar in the world. If yo u don't believe it call and on him at the Tampico House and he willprove the assertion.
  • Ladies' ready-madeSuits cheap as the material can be bought, at Miss HIGDAY'S.
  • The tax assessor is around again. His smiling countenance and muscial voice will be seen and heard by every tax payer in the town of Tampico - You bet!
  • Best Tobacco and cigar in town at T & F's.
  • "Dash" says "that orphan boys are apt to be imposed upon in this place." How is it in regard to the girls, "Dash"? You probably know "how it is yourself" by this time.
  • Bring along your broken furniture, I am now ready to repair it on short notice. J. W. HIXSON.
  • Mr. A. MORSE, of Dixon, wholesale dealer inleather and general sadlery hardware, was in town this week visiting his old customers.
  • The best 5-cent cigars in town at M. B. HIXSON's. Call and see.
  • Several young men from this place went down to Rock river a fishing last Thursday. They don't appear to have much to say about the amount of fish they caught, or whether they caught any at all. How is it  boys?
  • Why be tormented with flies when A. SMITH has three thousand feet of wire screen, which he will sell very cheap. Come and see for yourself.
  • Mr. N. MAXSON has made an assignment to J. H. CAIN; liabillities, $7,000, assests, $2,500. the assignees' sale of goods now progressing, in the building next door to McGEE'S drug store.
  • Boots and shoes repaired cheaper than the cheapest, and good work guaranteed at M. B. HIXSON's.
  • Six law suits in one day. That speaks rather loud for our quiet little place. Just wait until we get the county seat located at this place, then we will show you. What?
  • Mr. J. F. McBRIDE, one of the gang  that is now working with the spile driver on the Prophetstown branch of the C. B. & Q. R. R. who has been lying sick with congerstive chills at the Tampico House, Tampico, for several weeks past, is now recovering from the illnes under the skillful treatment of Dr. C. M. MORRILL.
  • Call and see our line of Corn Plows before purchasing elsewhere. Remember we keep a full line of agricultural Implements, and will sell as low as the lowest. McMILLEN & DEE
  • Tossed Up - Last Saturday a little son of Mr. E. F. NICHOLS of Hume, was tossed up by an infuriated cow which he, with the aid of a hired man, was trying to drive to the barn. They boy was quite severely bruised by the fall, and would probably have been fatally inured had not the animal turned upong the hired man after she had tossed boy.
  • Sterling and Morrison are trying to get up Fourth of July celebrations. Prophetstown leads themhowever, having got out a programme and bills for a grand "blow out" on the Centennial Fourth.
  • Mrs. J. H. VARIAN who hs been visitng in the country for the past week, has returned to her home, wmuch to the satisfaction of her husband, who has been "batching it" since her absence. Jim, says he rather likes taking charge of the culinary department, if it was not for the dish-washing part of the business.
  • We received a communiation this week from Yorktown, signed "Meddler," which we cannot publish. We publish none such  unless we know the parties sending them to be responsible. All communcations must be accompanied by the name of the party sending.
  • The firm of DORNE & MAXSON has dissolved partnership - see notice elsewhere in this week's issue - Mr. MAXSON retiring fvrom the firm. The business will be hereafter be conducted by DORNE & Co. Charlie is a practical harness maker and understands the business. Give him a call.
  • A man by the name of Lewis CORY stopped at this place last Thursday. He was "strapped" and unable to travel. Suprvisor WYLIE was called upon to aid him, and thinking it policy to pay his transportation to some other port rather than pay for his keeping all summer, purchased him a ticket and sent him to Dubuque where he said he had friends.
  • Mr. M. WEBB, a hired hand on Mr. BURDEN'S farm, met with quite an accident last Thursday week. He had unhitched the team and throwing the lines over his shulders had started for the house. The team started on a trot and before he could get them under his control he was thrown to the ground and dragged about forty rods, before the team was stopped. -- They would not have stopped then but they ran into a plum tree  and got so tangled that they could go no further. Mr. WEBB was considerably bruised but strange to say, he had no bones broken. He was unable to work for some time, but at last account was doing well.
  • Mr. Fred SMITH, our City Marshal, (and who by the way is always on hand when anything "crooked" is going on) arrested a man last Saturday evening and put him in our "little jail, just around the corner." He was pretty well "healed" with hard cider and made sad havoc with the jail. Breaking the inner door down besides tearing out most of the iron bars from  one of the outside windows, and would, in all probability, have made his escape if the Marshal had not come upon the scene just in time to intercept him. The officer then brought him before Justice FITZGERALD who fined him three dollars and costs. And he went his way rejoicing.
  • Rare Fish - On Tuesday morning of this week, Mr. Daniel HUDSON, who lives eight miles south of town, while fishing at the Lyndon dam, was fortunate enought to haul out a good sized eel. This fish is a rar one in this section of the country, very few ever having been caught in Rock river.
  • Accident - Last Saturday morning just as "Old Sol" was making his appearance in the easternhorizon, two rather demure looking individuals could be seen approaching the town in a very dilapidated condition. They had left town in the evening before with a good two-horse "turnout" but owing to some mishap, it would be hard to tell what - they had smashed up thigs to a fearful extent, . . . . With theonly remianing part (the horses and the front wheels) they succeeded in getting home. The next morning a party ws sent out to bring in the rest of the wreck. The boys feel pretty blue and are willing to take the old woman's advice: "When next a woing you go, Be sure you're right and go slow, Don't stay so late at the garden gate. And be home in the morning before eight."
  • The little folks had a very nice timeyesterday in GLASSBURN'S grove, in the shape of a picnic. Mrs. JACOB's class in Sabbath school were taken out for a pelasant afternoon. They invited a few of their friends which swelled the number to  over one hundred, and not a few older ones seemed to enjoy themselves as well.
  • Mrs. John ALDRICH has been very sick, so bad at one time, her family were very much alarmed.
  • I noticed in the "Items" last week Mrs. JACOBS and Mrs. BEACH were visiting in Chicago. Truly this is a progressive age. They are contemplating a visit to the city, but as yet have not gone. Mrs. JACOBS goes next Tuesday to visit her son and will call on Sandwich on her return trip.
  • Yes the fire did work wonders, and made changes, especially in this way of bankrupt merchants any more, if so come along, now is your time.
  • Peter BURKE will commence his brick building soon, this side of Pat. Walls' which will add materially to Tampico's substantial business appearance.
  • Shelling and shipping corn seems to be the order of the day, and judging by the appearances of our streets the farmers were interested thereabouts.
  • Tampico is famous for slander cases. Parties interested in the business, pitch in. Life is short. - Jolly
  • SCHOOL REPORT - Report of the VanVOLKENBURG school for the month ending May 30th: Number of pupils enrolled, 22. Average daily attendance, 14. Number of minutes lost by tardiness 617. Names of pupils neither absent nor tardy during the month, Mary FERRIS and Noble FERRIS. - Miss Mary L. GLASSBURN, Teacher
  • SCHOOL REPORT FOR THE MONTH OF MAR. The first month of this school passed off pleasantly, and profitably, and closed with an examination for the pupils of the Grammar Department. This was no child's play for either scholars or teacher, as it was a written examination in all the branches taught, for all in the A. and B. classes and mostlly oral for the C class.And faithfully and throoughly was the work done, without the first pupil endeavoring to shrink from, or evade it. Below are the names of the highest in standing in the several classes: A. arithmetic, Frank KNOX, Jennie GLASSBURN,  and Lewis SHELDON, each standing 100. B, arithmetic, Silas HOVEY 00 and Frances ABILLS 98. C, arithmetic, Birdett LADUE 98 and John GLASSBURN 96. D, arithmetic, Frank CASE 95. A, grammar, Jennie GLASSBURN 96, and Grace BROOKS 95. B, grammar, Silas HOVEY 98, Matilda BLACK 98, Nina SMITH 98, Leroy LEONARD 97. Physical geography, Jennie GLASSBURN 99, Frank KNOX 99, Allie PATCH 98. H, georgraphy, Leroy LEONARD 98, C, geography, Herman SHELDON 92, and Frank MELVIN 92. Physiology, Jennie GLASSBURN 100, Frank KNOX 100, Grace BROOK 100, Allie PATCH 100.A spelling, Lewis SHELDON 100, Frank KNOX 97, Grace BROOK 96, and Carrie CHASE 96. B, spelling, May GLASSBURN 96, and Frank MELVIN 96. Highest average, Jennie GLASSBURN 98, and Frank KNOX 98. No. of days of school, 22. Average daily attendance 96, per cent of attendance 90. No. of pupils neither absent nor tardy 26. Minutes lost by tardiness 1,153. Respectfully submitted, A. W. BASTIAN, Tampico, June 5, 1876

List of letters remain in the Post Office at Tampico, Illinois, June 1st, 1876:

BYERS, James
BENNETT, Millard
MILLER, Miss Hattie 2
SHAW, James

Advertised letters are sent to the Dead Letter office one month after date of publication. - J. C. Mosshart, P. M.

The partnership heretofore existing between C. E. DORNE & J. C. MAXSON, under the name and style of DORNE & MAXSON, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The bussiness affairs of the late firm will be settled by C. E. DORNE. - C. E. DORNE, J. C. MAXSON, Tampico, June 2 1876


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