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Articles & Local History > General News - June 22, 1876


Terms - $1.50 per Annum in advance
HILL & GIFFORD, publishers
Thursday, June 22, 1876
(Established May 4, 1876)

(Note: In these early issues there was very little "news". Most of the "General News" was text version of the classified ads. They also copied articles from area papers such as the Whiteside Sentinel, Morrison Times, Fulton Journal, etc. I will not be transcribing duplicate items that appeared in prior issue. Sometimes the "news" was duplicated from week to week as well. - Denise): 

J. H. CAIN leaves this week for a visit to Lockport, Ind. He expects to be absent about one month.

A new fence is about to be placed around the Catholic church of this place.

McMILLEN & DEE have a new cross-walk from the store across Main Street, thus making good connections with the main walk on the west side.

According to the Mendota News, a button factory will be started at that place soon. It will be called the "Herrick Button Company."

Rain and mud seem to be a drag upon the market. Dry sidewalks and good roads are as scarce as mosquitoes in January, and are far above par, in this section.

Morris FITZGERALD is the recipient of a fine gold watch chain. It was presented to him by the Rev. P. J. GORMLEY. Morris seems to be numbered among the favored few.

Bob COLLINS is busily employed just now, moving the building he purchased of J. H. CAIN, from near the depot, to his lot on Main Street. He intends to fit it up for a store or shop of some kind, so we are informed.

According to the Sentinel; the Third Regiment Band of Sterling tooted their horns in Morrison on Saturday and Sunday of last week - Well, let them toot, who cares.

The Swedish Church of this place, which has stood unfinished for some time, is now being rapidly pushed forward towards completion and will be in readiness for use in a very short time.
(Transcriber's note: The Swedish Church was later sold and is today the Tampico Baptist Church)

At the last meeting of the Board ofTrustees, of this place, J. B. MELVIN was appointed Village Attorney. MELVIN is just the man for the position; they could not find a better.

Mr. A. V. FULLER has taken possession of the old BANES Home, which he is putting in "tip top" order for a hotel. Mr. F. has had considerable experience as a hotel man, and knows how to run a first-class house.

Will TULLER started for Philadelphia last Friday with the intention of doing the "Centennial." He will be absent about a month, and we hope he may have a pleasant time.

Messrs. TIMMERMAN & HENWOOD announce a "Grand Centennial Bowery Dance," at Erie, on the day and evening of July 4th. Music by Hazzard & Morrill's band.

During the storm of last Friday evening lightening struck the telegraph office, in Lyndon, slightly stunning the operator. The electric fluid ran along from pole to pole splintering some of them badly.

The goods of N. MAXSON, in the hands of J. A. CAIN, asignee, were on Tuesday last taken on execution by a constable from Sterling.

Dr. TAGGART and wife returned home last Satruday evening from their visit to Wisconsin. By their looks we should judge that they had a very pleasant visit during their absence.

Fine Hogs - Mr. Chas. LANCASTER, who lives about four miles east of Prophetstown, sold Jack STYER twenty-five hogs last Monday which averaged 343 1/2 pounds each. They were the lightest in the drove and were about one year old. Mr. LANCASTER is a good farmer and knows how to raise fine hogs.

Good Yield - Mr. R. I. DICKENSON, who lives about a mile south of Prophetstown, sheared two yearling Marino lambs last week, from one of which he obtained 10 pounds and two ounces of wool, and from the other 8 1/2 pounds. this is considered a large yeild from a Marino sheep.

Upset - As Mr. Farnum WELLINGTON of Morrison, but who has been living with his uncle John Farnum,  on Washington street, was going home from town on Monday evening, his horse became unmanagable a short distance south of town, and ran away. Mr. WELLINGTON was thrown to the ground and was slightly injured on one of his shoulder. The fills of the buggy and the harness were badly broken.

Owing to the non-appearance of important witnesses the trial for the right of property, by the assignee, of N. MAXSON, vs. S. BENNETT, Bro's & Co., and was contnued by the agreement of the Attorneys, until the 15th, of July, at 9o'clock sharp. Henry JOHNSON  Atty's for Pltff. J. H. MELVIN & J. E. McPHERSON for Dft.

Water is plenty just now in this section, and everybody has all they want of it. But in consideration of the old adage, "in time of plenty look out for famine" Messrs, ALDRICH SMITH and HIXSON have quietly stored away in the bottomest out if tgeur cekkars a syookt tgat wukk kasttgen fir sine tune ti cine, /tget are kiijubg agead fir a drt seasib we syooise,

Talk about your lakes, sulphur springs, etc., but what are theycompared to the two little streams located on Main street, between GLASSBURN's and ALDRICH's? By those streams our citizens are enabled to get a "free bath" whenever they choose to wander that way. Not always in accordance to their wishes, but they get it nevertheless. A small sized ferry-boat would be a good thing to have placed there, and it would pay anytime who might undertake the enterprise. What do you think?

Mr. William GUFFEY,  of this place, started last Monday for Farming, Ill. Will, hinted to some of his friends before he left, that he might, if the thing was all right, get united in the bonds of matirmoney before his return. Well, Will, that is one of the best bonds to have that we know of, providing you get the right kind of bonds, otherwise it "aint," but then Will is a good looking chap and we think he is perfectly able to judge for himself.



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