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Articles & Local History > Will of John W. Glassburn - June 21, 1917

Submitted by Les Niemi

June 21, 1917 WILL OF JOHN W. GLASSBURN The will of the late John W. GLASSBURN was read to the hers Monday and it is understood that it provides for a certain sum to be paid by the executor to the two grandchildren Harold and Wayne GLASSBURN, sons of a deceased son, Fred and it also provides the sum of $1000 to be left to the trustees of the Tampico Methodist chruch, the income of which is to be used toward the support of the church, after the payment of these two bequests the balance of the estate is to be divided equally among the three children, Mrs. Jennie REEVES, Mrs. S.B. HOVEY and A.T. GLASSBURN. The will was made 1909 and has several codicils attached. A.T. GLASSBURN is named as executor and Uncle John expressed requests that the executor not be required to give any bond or be compelled to account to any court, but that he be given, full, complete authority to go ahead and settle the estate in the manner in which he deems best being given permission to sell real estate, securities, mortgages etc., convert them into cash or invest the funds as he may deem best without making any account or inventory. Uncle John pays a fine tribute to the confidence he has in his son's honesty and integrity by giving his absolute power to settle in his own way the large, valuable estate.


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