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Articles & Local History > 1904 - Green River Acqueduct is Completed

TAMPICO TORNADO Friday, December 9, 1904


One of the largest concerete structures ever undertaken in Northwestern Illinois is the huge aqueduct over the Green river for the Hennepin canal feeder, which has just been completed. It required 3,800 barrels of cement in the construction of this work. The aqueduct is so constructed that the volume of water that supplies the feeder passes over the river.

This structure is built on two large abutments, one on each side of the river with ***************** the abutments are sixteen feet below the surface of the ground. This work has been in progress since last May. With the exceptions of a few samall crossings the feeder is now ready for the water to be turned in and the main line of the canal is nearly finished. The big dam across Rock river at Sterling will be built next summer.

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