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TAMPICO TORNADO Friday, December 9, 1904


Robert Collins has Left Arm Almost Severed in Shredder Cogs, Monday

Robert COLLINS'  left arm was caught in the gears of a corn shredder Monday and it was severed almost completely about half way between the elbow and shoulder.

The terrible accident which will make Mr. COLLINS a cripple for life happened about ten miles south west of Tampico at Aaron BRANDTS' farm. Mr. COLLINS was shredding corn there with his machine and went to oil the cog wheels which operate the snapping rollers. It is supposed that the slipped as his elbow wtruck the swiftly revolving cogs and in an instant his arm was drawn into the terrible cogs which mashed the forearm and cut the arm off, bone and all above the elbow the blood spurting in streams.

John ESHELMAN who was close at hand and others went to Mr. COLLINS assistance and a hame strap was buckled around the arm to stop the profuse bleeding. The men then wanted to carry Mr. COLLINS to the house but his display of grit was remarkable as he calmly remarked he was able to walk. Whle in the house waiting for the arrival of Doctors WAHL of Tampico and Dr. BOHNETT of Yorktwon who had been summoned by telephone, Mr. COLLINS laughed and joked with the horror stricken men and walked unassisted to the operating table where  he also assisted in undressing himeself. At first he refused t take anaesthetic waying he could stand the operation but the doctos adminisstered it and the arm was amputated a few inches above the place where the macine got in its awful work.

Mr. COLLINS  was resting easy after the terrible accident and will recover. He will be cared for at the BRANDT farm until his condition is such that he can *********************

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