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Articles & Local History > 1904 TAMPICO FOOT BALL TEAM IS ALRIGHT

Tampico Tornado - Friday, December 2, 1904

The football season is over in Tampico and the team here in the short space of four weeks cleaned up all comers and disbands with nothing but complete victory. The following games were played:

Nov.  5,  1904 - Tampico 20 -  Prophetstown 10
Nov. 12, 1904 - Tampico 33 - Sterling Ind. 0
Nov. 19, 1904 - Tampico  6 -  Business Col. 0
Nov. 24, 1904 - Tampico 63 - High School 0

Total points for Tampico 122, total minutes played 145 making one point every minute and quarter. The team was organized but five days before it beat Propehtstown and was without a coach except what work F. A. BREWER helped them. Roy McKENZIE has been elected captain for next season and a schedule is being made. The following were members of the team: Will COLLINS, Frank DAVIS, Delmar WHITVER, Leonard METCALF, Asa BURDEN, Ralphy TEACH, Jule GIFFORD, Carl RICHARDSON, Roy McKENZIE, Leo McBRIDE, Will BOYER, Leye COLBERG, Arthur BECKER nd Lewis LaDUE.


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