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Articles & Local History > Farewell Party for Mr. & Mrs. George Howlett

Tampico Tornado, Friday, September 23, 1904


Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Howlett Surprised By Sixty of Their Friends Tuesday

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. HOWLETT were completely surprised Tuesday night when sity of their neighbors and friends all called at once to bid them farewell before they depart for their new home in Texas. The guests assembled at Geo. DRAYTON's home and when the house began to fill up there he gave the word and the merry invasion descended on the HOWLETT home taking its occupants entirely by surprise. The evening was spent in a social manner. On behalf of the guests A. T. GLASSBURN presented Mr. and Mrs. HOWLETT with a fine china dish, making a very appropriate speech. Both Mr. and Mrs. HOWLETT respnded feelingly. Refreshments were served and both guests and the host and hostess will long have pleasant recollections of the affair. Those present were: Messrs and Mesdames O. D. PITNEY, A. T. GLASSBURN, W. LOVE, M. FELL, Frank DAVIS, J. M ADAMS, W. McCREEDY, M. HOPKINS, K. S. BENTLEY, L. K. BRAINERD, W. L. BROWN, J. S. KIMBALL, H. A. KEMP, New't DENISON, John HOWLETT, John BACKLUND, O. D. OLSSON, Grant HUGHS, Geo. DRAYTON, Geo. ISHERWOOD Mesdames J. M JACOBS, Albert ZUHL, M. FURRY, W. ARNOLD, Thos. MEREDITH, Emily BROWN, M. B. LYON, H. CUMMIINGS, C. H. TURNER, Delos CRADDOCK, Mollie McMILLEN, Albert FERRIS, A. CASKEY, W. BUREN, A. POPE, Lovina BOOTH, ACKERMAN, Fred PIERCE, Helen MOODY, R.HELLIER, Misses Libbie WYLIE, Ethel HOWLETT, Mary GLASSBURN, Miss BUREN, Mr. Henry DENISON.

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