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Articles & Local History > J. M. Jacobs is Building What is Probably the Largest Silo in County 1904

Tampico Tornado, Friday, September 23, 1904


J. M. Jacobs Is Building What Is Probably the Largest Silo In County

In order that his dairy herd of thirty cows may have fresh green fodder when the mercury is around zero and everything  covered with snow, J. M JACOBS is building what is probably the largest silo in Whiteside county at his farm just on the edge of town.

The silo when completed will resemble a sawed off section of a water tower as it will be circular in shapebeing sixteen feet in diameter and thirty two feet high. It will be built of 2x4's stood on end and used as staves which will be tared (sic) and made perfectly air tight. These timbers will rest on a circular foundation of concrete, although there will be no floor or bottom or any sort in the silo.

As soon as the large silo is completed it will be filled with green fodder cut up. The fodder will be tramped down and on the tope a layer of oats will be sown which will sprout and grow in the decay on this layer. The roots of the oats will form a mat which will make the top practically air tight and keep the fodder below sweet. The silo will hold about twelve acres of fodder and Mr. JACOBS says this will be enough to feed his cows all winter and give better results than bran and he considerably cheaper. His experiment is being watched with considerable interest by many farmers in this vicinity.

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