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Articles & Local History > The Marriage of Chas. F. Adams 1904

Tampico Tornado, Friday, September 23, 1904


Charles F. ADAMS of Luxora, Ark. and Miss Byrtie MILLER of Cape Girardeau ****Missouri were married Sept. 7, ****** parsonage at Cape Girardeau ********************************* o'clock p.m. in the presence *********most intimate friends. The bride was tastefully attired in white. After the wedding the couple went to St. Louis where they spent a week sightseeing and continued their journey to Tampico to visit at the home of Mr. ADAM;s mother, Mrs. Caroline ADAMS. The marriage was a complete surprise to their Tampico friends as theykept it a secret until they arrived here.

Mrs. ADAMS comes from a prominent family in Cape Girardeau where her charming manner and sweet disposition h ave won her many warm friends.

Mr. ADAMS is well known here, Tampico having been his boyhood home. He has been employed by Fullard, Goff & Company for several years on dredge work.

Mr. and Mrs. ADAMS will make their home in Missouri wherre the congratulations of their many friends will follow them. 

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