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Articles & Local History > Old Landmark Will Give Way to Progress (Pitney Hotel)1929

Tampico Tornado Thurs., June 20, 1929


Mrs. Jennie K. COOLEY has disposed ofher hotel property on the corner of Main and Market streets to Mr. C. E. McKENZIE, who is to receive possession about July 15. The decision to dispose of the property was made after considerable  deliberation by Mrs. Cooley on account of the falling off of business, principally in the rooming department.

It is the intention of Mr. McKENZIE to remodel the building and put in a modern service and sales station, and architects are now working on plans to that end. It islikely that the plans will include cutting away of the corner for a drive-in service, the installation of a fine display room and a large and handy repair room.

While it is with very deep regret that Mrs. COOLEY disposes of the building, ending its career as a hotel for good after many years of such service, she feels that it cannot be conducted at a loss any longer and that the patronage is entirely too small to bother with.

This hotel has been a landmark since Tampico was but a small hamlet and has been conducted under various managements, to the credit of the town, for all these years, and it is a matter of regret to thepeople of Tampico as a whole that conditions made this action necessary.

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