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Sterling Standard, Tues. Jan. 5, 1904


Reed & Deyoe to Construct the Tabernacle

Building To Be Ready for Occupancy by Jan. 23 - Mr. Sunday Well Pleased With Plans and Work of Committee Up-to-Date

Following the conference between the ministers and the Rev. Mr. SUNDAY at the Y. M. C. A. rooms this morning Rev. E. Lee FLECK and the other members of the building committee with Mr. Sunday visited the offices of Architects Van Horne & Wetherbee where the plans for the tabernacle were inspected. Mr. SUNDAY was well pleased with the arrangements so far made by the committee, and after consideration of the five bids submitted the contract for the building was awarded to Reed & Deyoe, the contract price being $1059.

The contract will be drawn up by Attorney W. W. HASKELL and signed by the contractor and committee tomorrow and the work of construction will begin at once. The building will begin at once. The building will be 96x128 and conform to the plans heretofore published in the Standard. The building must be completed by Jan. 23, or if not finished by that date, a forfeit of $10 for each day from thie contract price will be deducted.

Mr. SUNDAY was so well pleased with the plans that he took with him a blue print of the drawings and will tomorrow submit them to the ministerial association at Rockford whre the preachers of that city are arranging for a series of meetings during March. Mr. SUNDAY will go from Rockford to Marshall, Minn., where he holds a series of meetings this month.

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