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Articles & Local History > 1904 - To Remodel Methodist Church in Tampico

Sterling Daily Standard, April 2, 1904


Plans and specifications are being secured from the different contractors at Tampico for the complete remodeling of the Methodist church at that place. The plan as contemplated is to build additions on the east and west sides of the church and also on the south end. The addition on the west side of the church will be 10 by 54 feet. Thirty feet of the addition will be used for the pulpit and rostrum. Adjoing this on the south will be a small Sunday school room 10 by 10 feet with a door opening into the rostrum. The addition on the south end of the church will extend the entire length of the building and along the ten-foot west addition, making it 15 by 40. There will be a six-foot hall way off the south end of this in which one of the main churchentrances will be located. The other one being the old entrance. The rest of the addition will be used for the Sunday school room and will open by folding doors into the main body of the church. The east addition will be 10 by 30 and will face the pulpit in the west addition.

The seating will be circular pews, all of which will be new and of late pattern. The seating capacity will be increased at least 150. All of the old windows will be replaced by handsome new stained glass ones and a handsome large stained glass window will be put in the east additon. The contemplated improvement will cost $3,500 and will make the church one of the most convenient and best in the district for the size of the charge.

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