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Articles & Local History > Pedestrian Hit By Auto - Result of Bright Lights 1923

Tampico Tornado, January 4, 1923

Blinded by the blaring headlights of an approaching auto, the car driven by Glenn GABLE, of Elgin, son of Rev. George GABLE of Tampico, ran into a pedistrian on Avenue G.bridge Monday night, bruising him considerable but not breaking any bones. The injured man was Paul BITTERI and he was taken to the office of a physician and later to his hme. He is comfined to his bed today though not at all seriously njured. Rev. GABLE accompanied by his son and wife and Mr. and Mrs. P. W. WILSON, of Chicago, were driving to Sterling from Tampico, to take his guests to the evening train when the accident happened. The injured man accompanies by two other men and a boy was walkng on the bridge and was not seen because of the glare of the headlights of the approaching car. The GABLE car had on its dimmers and was proceeding slowly across the bridge when the crash was heard and the cr immediately stopped and the injured man given assitance. The driver of the other car however., sped away without stopping - Sterlin Gazette (reprinted in the Tornado)

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