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Articles & Local History > Young Amboy Lad (Allen Glassburn) Seriously Injured

Tampico Tornado, February 1. 1923

Master Allen GLASSBURN, the twelve year old son of J. L. GLASSBURN was struck by an automobile about 9:18 last Wednesday evening while roller skating home from the picture show. The accident occurred on Mason street not far from Dr. SULLIVAN'S residence. His right leg was broken about four inches above the knee. James KELLY was driving the car which struck the lad. Another car was approaching, with glaring headlights and Mr. KELLY could not see the boy. Mr. KELLY took him home and did all he could for him. He has not been blamed for the accident. Allen had a good night, and rested easily Thursday. He is doing well but will be in bed for at least four weeks. An x-ray examination will bre made to be sure that the limb will be straight after the bone has knit. The leg was put  into a cast and although the doctor says it is a bad break, it is hoped it may come out alright. As Mrs. GLASSBURN had been home from the hospital only a week, a nurse was engaged to care for Allen ~ Amboy News

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