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Articles & Local History > Surprised on Birthday (Dorothy Walker)

Tampico Tornado, February 1. 1923

Miss Dorothy WALKER passed her 11th birthday last Saturday and in honor of the event a number of her school friends entered her home while she was away andupon her arrival gave her a sure enough surprise.

Games were played for awhile and the party gifts looked over and enjoyed until they were called to the dining room to partake of a two course lunch. The room was very tastily decorated in red. The centerpiece wasa beautiful bouquet of carnations, from which red ribbons were laid to each place where the little ladies found their place cards. A large angelfood was the bithday cake and upon it was the required number of candies.

The guests were Mary Ellen TERRY , Lola May NELSON, Anna Ruth STEADMAN, Mary Lou McKENZIE, Marjoire McKENZIE, Dorothy McCREEDY, Fern Van De MARK, Ruth McKENZIE, Helen WOODS, Dorothy McKENZIE, Dorothy and Eleanor SMITH, Vivan LUTYENS and Marjorie ADAMS.

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