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Articles & Local History > Cyclone in Tampico, Nov. 25, 1908

Tampico Tornado, Friday, December 5, 1908

Tampico Tornado Newspaper
Friday, December 5, 1908

Twister Goes Through Eastern Part of City and Demolishes Several Barns

A cyclone struck the eastern edge of Tampico last week Wednesday evening about 7 o'clock and left a mass of wrecked, demolished and scattered barns and outhouses in its wake. Several barns were completely demolished but very fortunately the storm was not strong enough to wreck any dwellings further than to rack them or tear shingles from thereof. No one was injured and no live stock was killed. The total loss will probably reach about $1500 or $2000 mostly covered with insurance.

The storm came without any warning other than the terrible roar that accompanies twisters. This was heard by several who started for their cellars but were unable to reach them before it was all over. O. D. OLSSON who happened to be out doors saw and heard the funnel shaped cloud coming and said that it made a noise like a hundred trains. He recognized t\what it was and ran for the house. Others also heard and saw the cloud which they describe about the same.

The course of the storm was from the southeast striking the eastern part of the village in an erratic course. Its first effects were felt at Robt. HELLIER's farm about a mile south of town and the last whack it took was in the northeastern part of the village at the residence of Mrs. Annie PETERSON occupied by Fred WENSEL.

The following is a complete list of the places struck and damage done:

  • Robt. HELLIER, windmill blown down, damage $75 
  • J. M. JACOBS, silo blown over and windmill blown down, damage $500.
  • John JACOBSON, barn completely wrecked and blown 100 feet onto the Burlington railroad tracks, hen house demolished and outhouse blown fifty feet. Loss about $250 with $150 insurance on barn.
  • Mrs. Ellen MOODY, corn crib, hen house and other shed blown *****
  • Mr. George JOHNSON, barn completely wrecked, coal house and outhouse moved. Loss about $100, no insurance.
  • R. B. WINANS chimney blown off and bricks sent through roof. Loss about $20. Insured.
  • ALLEN farm occupied by L. J. DARNELL, cupola blown off barn and in falling it made a large hole through roof of barn. Hog house turned over. Damage about $100, insured.
  • George BAKER, large, new barn moved from foundation, door blown off inside of barn, steps to kitchen smashed. Loss about $35, insured.
  • Mrs. ICKHARD, chicken house blown over, other damage, loss about $40, insured.
  • John McGUIRE, barn racked, loss $20, insured.
  • C. F. GIFFORD, barn racked and hen house blown over, loss $20, insured.
  • Mrs. Anna PETERSON'S place occupied by Fred WENSEL, plate glass windows blown in, barn badly racked, damage $50, insured.
  • J. B. McCOMBS, this place was one of the hardest hit. The barn and carpenter shop was blown into bits and scattered to the winds. There was not enough left to make it worth while to gather up kindling. The house was moved from its foundation, post blown out of the porch, a window blown in and other damage done. A horse in the barn was left ***nding the entire structure being ***en away over his head. Loss about *****, insured.

Miss SCOTCHBROOK's place occupied Professor T. J. HANEY was also in center of the storm's tract. The ***** here was completely demolished *** wrecked, and blown bodily some ***nty-five feet. The house was ***o badly that the plaster came ****veral rooms. The occupants *** ouse were badly frightened but ****red. Loss about $600, no insurance.

**** DILLON, barn completely ***ed and demolished. Mrs. DILLON *** he noise when the barn went ***going to the door with a lamp **nd to ascertain what was the *** flying piece of timber struck **nd knocked the light from ****. Loss about $400, no insurance.

****  at Frank NELSON'S, John * James ARNOLD's and Sam  **** aces were all racked out of ***lar, chimineys blown off. ***mage at each place will be from *** $45. A shed was blown over al-**** John Cordes'.

***ance agents report that there *** twenty-two losses, eighteen *** carried insurance. Agents ***man, Thos. DILLON and M. G. *** port losses which have ben **** re in the course of being ****.

***Stirn oerfirned several freaks ** are usual in cyclones. At J. B. McCOMBS a  barn was blown and **ttered so that it will not make good kindling but a horse inside the brn was not injured a particle. At R. B. ***nans every clothes pin in a sack ****ing *** in the rear porch was sucked ***scattered in a string while the ***ek was not moved. A board was **iven into the side of the house at ***os. DILLON's place.

Mrs. J. J. WINCHELL, barn completely demolished, loss about $100, no insurance.

A stick of wood was blown through the window at J. B. McCOMBS who was attending to some baking.

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