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Articles & Local History > 1920 - (Grant Metcalf) Receives Memorial From France

Tampico Tornado, May 6, 1920


Mrs. J. A. MATHIS has reeived an engraved copy of a memorial which has been erected to France in memory of her brother, Grant E. METCALF of Tampico who died for his country having been killed in action in France Sept. 20, 1918. The deceased is one of the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. METCALF aged and honored citizens of Tampico.

The memorial proper is a large symbolical group on a centotaph inscribed as follows:

"To the Memory of Grant E. Metcalf, Private Company C, 353d Inf., of Unted States of America, who died for Liberty during the Great War - the Homage of France, the Presidnet of the Republic, signed, R. Poincare."

The principal figure of the group symbolizes the soul and spirit of the American army which helped France to maintain alive the flame of the tourch of liberty and justice.

The sword is not in the scabbard, but ready at any moment ot protect and defend the weak and  oppressed, symbolized in the group to the left by a mother holding her baby to her breast, and to insure freedom and justice to the coming generations, represented by the figure of the kneeling boy, praying and thanking God for deliverance.

At the right the fgure of a man chained and shackled, symbolizes the spirit of evil and the victory over our enemies. Also at the right stands Glory, who rejoices with the old war veteran, standing to the left of the principal figure, symbolizing the armies, which are always ready to fight for the good of humanity.

Universal fame is symbolized by the winged figure flying over the group and trumpeting to the world the great triumph in which the United States participated. The American eagle, poised on the staff of Peace, watches zealously, and stands ready to swoop in case our enemies again endeavor to disturb the peace of the world, so dearly acquired.

The entire group is framed by a border of oak and laurel leaves, which are always awarded the victors.

At the foot of the cenotaph (sic) the flags of France and America are draped and joined together by a wreath, which is the mark of gratitude and homage that France pays to our sons who gave their lives for liberty and justice.

The lines engraved on the wall behind the group are taken from one of Victor Hugo's famous poems and when translated read:

"For those who devoutely died for their country, it is right that the people come and pray at their tombs."

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