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Tampico Tornado, June 10, 1899

On Monday morning the school bell rang calling the school children together for the last day's study of the current school year and, notwithstanding the long year's work and the recent sultry days, many felt reluctant in leaving the old building even for the summer vacation. We think that the year just closed has been on the whole, one of the most successful ones in our school's history, and there has been no unpleasant jar throughout the year, and perfect confidence has seemed to exist in each of the departments. It has been the aim of the principal and the associate teachers, to make the work in all the common branches broader and more thorough; and in addition to this, nearly a full grade higher has been added to the high school room, and in consequence the grades of each room have been raised. We are glad to be able to present to our readers this week the photographs and a short school history of our teachers; and we are sorry that we cannot have with them the teachers of the new room that will be added this coming year.

  F. A. BREWER  - Is well known to most of the Tampico people. His first school days were spent in the little school house in Dist. no. 6 **** later *****attended our public schools where he remained three years. Then in 1892 he began in the academy Northwestern University, and two years later, completing the academic course, he entered the University there and took the four years  Scientific and Philosophical course.

 Mr. L. W. Denison of the Grammar room is also well known to Tampico residents having been raised in our community. He has taught much longer than any of the others on the force. That he is successful is evident from the fact  that he has been retained year after year in the same schools. His first teaching in our schools was in the intermediate room; this room he soon left to take charge of the Grammar room.

Miss Hattie Turner has just completed her second year in the Intermediate room. She came to us from Lostant, where she graduated from the public schools there in 1894. The year after her graduation she attended Normal, taking there the excellent teachers' practical course. Since then she has taught steadily, with no difficulty in obtaining a school. She is a most thorough teacher, and has a faculty in winning the little ones and gaining their confidence.

Miss Emma Hagan is a Tampico girl, having spent her life in the vicinity of Tampico. She graduated with honors in the class of '96. The following year she taught for Dist. No. 6. Last year she also attended Normal. This completes her first year in our primary room, and she has been very successful. She has added new methods of teaching in the Science and Literature branches which has added greatly to interest the little ones in their work.


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