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Submitted by Emily Jordan

Extracted from the Walnut Leader -

WL Friday, June 2, 1911, p1, c4
• Deer Grove and vicinity were shocked by the very sudden death of Joseph Moll which occurred at his home Monday night at 9 o’clock, death being due to heart failure. Mr. Moll was reading a newspaper when the paper fell from his hands. A physician was called but to no avail as Mr. Moll was dead when he arrived. The unexpected death came as a shock to all as he was in apparently good health and was seen about town that evening. The bereaved wife has the sympathy of the entire community. As yet no funeral arrangements have been made.

WL Friday, June 2, 1911, p8, c3
Mrs. Euphemia Chapman and little adopted daughter visited in Tampico the first of the week. WL Friday, June 9, 1911, p4, c1
• Deer Grove Items. Mrs. Harry Mosher has so far recovered from her recent operation as to be in Sterling. We expect her home soon.
WL Friday, June 30, 1911, p1, c3
• Deer Grove: Mrs. Hazzell and daughter Mattie returned from hooppole Tuesday where they have been visiting her brother John Burton and family.
WL Friday, June 30, 1911, p10, c3
Mrs. James Leahy of Deer Grove was a Walnut visitor between trains Thursday.
• Deer Grove: Ellen Hassell returned home Saturday from Hooppole where she has been visiting her uncle John Burton and family.
• Deer Grove: Miss Mary Coleman from Topeka is visiting her mother Mrs. M.J. Coleman.
• Deer Grove: Perry Poisel and family, also Mr. and Mrs. Postun of Harmon visited at the home of R.L. Hassell Sunday.
WL Friday, July 7, 1911 p8, c3
Mrs. Euphemia Chapman received a visit from her brother John Paice of Tampico over the Fourth.
Mrs. Wm. Waterhouse and family received a visit the past week from her mother Mrs. T.O. Steadman of Tampico.
WL Friday, July 28, 1911 p5, c3
• Deer Grove: We are sorry to learn of the illness of Will Power of Prophetstown, who was a former teacher in Deer Grove. Mr. Power has been suffering from the effects of a severe nervous breakdown, but is slightly improving at this time.
WL Friday, July 28, 1911 p8, c4
Mrs. Jessie Arnold received a visit Monday from her sister Mrs. Roy McKinzie of Tampico and Miss Terwilliger of Peoria. WL Friday, August 11, 1911 p4, c2
• Deer Grove: Tom Ford has a new barn. Mr. McComb and Arthur Neal built it.
• Deer Grove: Geo. Burton, who has been staying with his son John in Hooppole, is again in the Grove.
• Deer Grove: Mrs. Herman Bruns has been seriously ill. She was stricken with paralysis Saturday night.
• Deer Grove: Mrs. Glenn Renner went to Tampico Monday to see Mr. Welch who has just suffered a stroke of paralysis.
• Deer Grove: B.L. Beech and family were called to Lostant Wednesday of last week by the sudden death of his mother of that place. They returned Tuesday.
• Deer Grove: A surprise party was given to Mrs. Harry Ford and her sister Mrs. Murtaugh of Ohio, who is visiting with her. Forty three of their friends gathered and spent a very enjoyable evening with games and dancing. Refreshments were served and all departed at a late hour thinking Mr. and Mrs. Ford good entertainers.
WL Friday, August 17, 1911 p4, c2
• Deer Grove: Elmer Jacquet and family spent Sunday with relatives in Wyanet.
• Deer Grove: John Mosher and family are receiving a visit from Mrs. Mosher’s brother, Mr. Niggins and family from Dixon.
WL Friday, September 1, 1911 p4, c2
• Deer Grove: Mrs. Robert Dosene and son Eddie visited at the home of Jake Pott last week.
• Deer Grove: Geo. Burton says he is thinking of selling his farm of 240 acres.
WL Friday, September 22, 1911 p7, c4
E.C. Wilson, wife and baby and Mrs. Wm. Wilson and grandchildren Beth and Gorden Meisenheimer visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Ross near Tampico Sunday.
WL Friday, September 22, 1911 p10, c4
• Mrs. Bertha Sigman was called to Tampico Thursday to attend the funeral of her little niece.
Mrs. T.O. Steadman of Tampico came up Saturday and will keep house for her daughter Mrs. Wm. Waterhouse while she is on a trip west.
WL Friday, September 29, 1911 p4, c3
Mrs. Abby Montgomery went to Deer Grove Thursday to visit her sister Mrs. Frank Janes and family before leaving for a visit to Caney, Kansas. She will go to Springfield to attend the State Fair and from there to Kansas.
WL Friday, October 20, 1911, p4, c2
• Deer Grove: Mrs. Hassell and daughter Mattie were visitors at the home of Fred Banay in Walnut Tuesday.
• Deer Grove: The infant of Fred Harms is recovering from a serious illness.
WL Friday, October 27, 1911 p1, c4
Rev. O.P. Ellis, former pastor of the Christian church of Walnut, has decided to accept the call of the Christian church of Tampico and accordingly shipped his household goods to that place Thursday.
WL Friday, October 27, 1911 p7, c4
• Deer Grove: Quite a number from here attended the funeral of Edward Ford in Sterling Tuesday. The deceased was a nephew of Mrs. M.J. Coleman also John Ford of this place.
• Deer Grove: Miss Rose Cooney went to Sterling Tuesday to act as bride’s maid to the wedding of a relative in that place. The wedding will take place Wednesday. Nina Janes taught school during the absence of Miss Cooney.
WL Friday, November 10, 1911, p8, c3
Rev. James Potter has moved from Tampico to Rock Falls, where he is nicely located.
WL Friday, November 24, 1911, p4, c2
• Deer Grove: Jerry Keefe was called to Prophetstown very suddenly Thursday night by the illness and death of his uncle William Power who died in that place of pneumonia.
• Deer Grove: The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jaquet has been very ill with spasms, but is much better at present.
• Deer Grove: Israel Bechdolt has been quite ill the past few days, being a sufferer of rheumatism.
• Deer Grove: Quite a number from Deer Grove attended the funeral of William Power of Prophetstown which was held in St. Mary’s church in Tampico Sunday. WL Friday, December 8, 1911, p5, c2
Miss Ella Lemon came home Friday from Tampico where she was called by the illness of Mrs. Ellis, who was suffering with neuralgia and erysipelas.
Mrs. Reece Renner came home Monday morning from Tampico where she had been to see her brother Nathan Meek, who is very ill from diabetes.
WL Friday, December 8, 1911, p5, c3
Samuel Meek of Carleton, Nebraska, was the guest of his sister Mrs. Reese Renner and brother Wm. Meek the first of the week. He was called here by the serious illness of his brother Nathan Meek who resides a few miles south of Tampico.
WL Friday, December 8, 1911, p8, c3
Mrs. Lizzie Meek of Tampico was here Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Adam Stiver.
Mrs. Pope of Tampico came up Monday to attend the funeral of her relative Mrs. Adam Stiver.
WL Friday, December 15, 1911, p5, c2
Mrs. Dillon of Chicago who has been staying with her father Adam Stiver since the death of her mother went to Tampico Tuesday evening to visit relatives.
WL Friday, December 22, 1911, p5, c2
Fred Heeren of Van Petten gave this office a brief call Tuesday while in town attending the funeral of his niece Mrs. Fred Harmes of Deer Grove. Fred is farming in that section and judging from his corpulency is not missing much in the eatable line. He reported elegant crops on the land he tills.

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