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Articles & Local History > 1948 - Lions Club Charter Meetings

Submitted by Joan Johnson

TAMPICO TORNADO –August 5, 1948

Dr. Robert W. Hobson was elected first president of the newly formed Tampico Lions Club at a supper meeting held in the Legion Hall Monday night.

Other officers elected are Wesley Broers, first Vice President; M. H. Parent, 2nd Vice President; Dr. H. D. Ogden, 3rd Vice President; Dale Kelly, Secretary; A.V. Skarin, Treasurer; Lester Harms, Lion Tamer; R.M. Hockman, Tail Twister. Fred Ekstrand, Eldon Adams, R.E. Corbin and Warren Anderson were elected to the Board of Directors.

The Tampico club is the 310th Lions Club to be formed in Illinois. Dr. Hobson stated that the objectives sought during his administration will be those affecting the welfare of the children in the Tampico Community. Projects will be developed and carried to completion with the cooperation of all the civic groups in the area.

The Charter members in addition to the officers are: Kermit Branson, Harry E. Chapin, Hubert Darby, Edward Fullerton, Stacy Fullerton, Gordon Nelson, Richard Kelly, Vernon Newman, John Wayne Schmitt and R.E. Schmitt. The charter roster will be kept open until charter night for the admission of additional members.

Formal presentation of the charter will be made by Lyle Zeigler, district governor at a colorful ceremony to be held Sept. 20. It is expected that several hundred Lions and their wives will attend.

Meetings of the new Lions Club will be held the first and third Mondays each month.

The new club will be sponsored by the Prophetstown Lions Club. A delegation from Prophetstown headed by Dr. W.H. Brown, attended. Harvey Shawver, Morrison, international counselor, was also present.

TAMPICO TORNADO – September 23, 1948

The Tampico Lions Club held Charter Night Monday evening when members of Lions Clubs from Dixon, Prophetstown, Morrison, Sterling and Franklin Grove, their wives and guests attended a banquet and program in the high school gymnasium. One hundred forty were seated at long tables decorated in blue and gold. A wide streamer of blue down the center of each table with a large “L” in gold at intervals, yellow and blue candles and bouquets of mixed garden flowers formed the decorations. Programs containing the Lions’ objects and slogan, the program and menu, names of officers, directors and charter members were at each place.

Dr. Robert W. Hobson, president of the local Lions, called the meeting to order. All joined in singing “America” and the salute to the flag. Rev. Hollis Wharton gave the invocation. Throughout the evening group singing was led by Harold Plautz of the Prophetstown club.

The Tampico Band played several numbers between courses.

John E. Earle, zone chairman of Dixon, served as toastmaster. Gordon Nelson, representing Mayor R. C. Bollenbach, gave the address of welcome and Ed Bowers of the Prophetstown club gave the response. Mr. Earle introduced the distinguished guests.

The charter was presented by Lyle A. Zeigler, district governor 1D, and Dr. Hobson accepted it. Dr. Harry Hoerner, past international director, of Elgin was the speaker of the evening and gave an excellent talk during which he told of the aims and ideals of the organization.

Entertainment included accordion selections by Miss Caroline Hurbst of Franklin Grove, a vocal solo “There’s a Tree in the Meadow” by Archie Yarde, Jr. and an acrobatic dance by Miss Sally Chapin. Miss Dolores Stevens was pianist. Gordon Nelson was in charge of the program.

The meeting closed with all singing “God Bless America” and the benediction by Rev. Fr. Ambrose Weitekamp.

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