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Submitted by Lynn & Craig Kolb

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 Last week H. L. DENISON, one of the pioneer residents of this place, passed the eighty-fifth milestone of his life and in honor of the occasion his children with the assistance of the old friends and neighbors gave him quite a surprise.  The Legion hall had been engaged for the event and had been nicely decorated and arranged as a living room with rugs, center table and rocking chairs and when the guests had arrived, MR. & MRS. DENISON were brought to the door and escorted in.  As Mr. Denison does not go out much at night he was told that to celebrate his birthday he should be ready to go to the picture show at eight o’clock and was taken to the Legion hall under the pretense that he was to see a vaudeville, first.

            Here he found the crowd and his surprise was great as he had not the slightest suspicion of what had been done, but they were soon busy visiting and playing cards and a more jolly crowd would have been hard to find.  A short program consisting of piano solos by MISS GLADYS GLASSBURN, piano duet by MRS. NEVA DENISON and son VERNON, a solo by MISS VESTA DENISON, chorus singing and orchestra music was given after which a nice lunch was served.

            This was followed by a number of interesting accounts of incidents of pioneer days, the year of 1851 seeming to be a wonderful year in the history of this part of the country.  These stories were of great interest to all, and a vocal solo by J. E. GREENMAN made a big hit.  Mr. Denison received a fine birthday cake from MR.  & MRS. HERMAN DENISON of Madison, Wis., and was given a purse of money from those present, FRED W. SMITH presenting it with a few words of good will from those present to which H. L. responded feelingly.  All present enjoyed the occasion greatly, and none of them more than Mr. Denison who feels that his friends treated him very nicely on his birthday.



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