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Tampico Area Revitalization Project

T.A.R.P. (Tampico Area Revitalization Project)





Hi Neighbor,


How many times have you heard someone talking about TARP and you wondered what they were talking about? TARP was organized in August of 2005 to evaluate the need for revitalization and beautification throughout our village. We want to encourage growth, beautify the downtown area, enhance tourism and reno’/ate our village parks. By the end of this summer you will see a lot of changes in Reagan and Booth park and we would like to update you on what has been done and what we hope to complete this summer.


We worked in Reagan Park last summer and will be finishing it in the spring. Through donations and volunteers we were able to plant flowers and put a wooden gazebo in the park.We painted the swing frame and put up new swings and placed a new teeter totter in another area of the park. Did you notice we had lights on the gazebo at Christmas and hope to do more next year? This year we are going to put a new sidewalk in from Main Street to the gazebo and one in from Glassburn. Families have given benches in memory of their loved ones and we have nine of them to place around the park. We also will have old fashion streetlights to be placed along the walkways and around the gazebo. We will have a Media Center in front that will give visitors information about our village and show several places of interest to visit in the surrounding areas. We also will list the donors who gave in any way to help complete this renovation. We have a split rail fence to put up along the north side of the park. We hope to have this park completed by the first part of June and we will have a dedication ceremony sometime this summer to honor the families that donated to the park. We do have one more big project for this park and we are working to promote that now. We want to place a bronze statue of Ronald Reagan standing on a cannon playing in the park. ~Ne have a quote of $50000, so we need to raise the money before that can be done. We have visitors from around the world visit the Ronald Reagan Birthplace and we want to make them feel welcome to come into our park and relax and enjoy it.


We also will be working in Booth Park and fixing that up for the kids in town. We are going to replace the basketball rims and nets on the basketball court inside the fence and will be puffing in a skate park around the outside of the fence for teens. We are going to paint the swing frame and replace the swings and fix up the merry-go-round. The Lions Club is going to work on the shelter and make any repairs needed. ~A/e are puffing several modular pieces of playground equipment in the park for the younger kids. These pieces satisfy the functional, environmental and safety requirements of this exciting project. If the restrooms need painted we will offer to help the village get them ready for the summer. We hope to have all of this completed by the Tampico Days in June,


We also will be placing a large clock on Main Street which should really improve the appearance of our village.


We will have families volunteering their time a week at a time to help keep the parks looking nice.We will need to pull weeds in the flower beds, trim around some of the sidewalks and lights and anything else that might need to be done to keep the park looking nice. It will be maintained by the village, but we need to do the little extra things to help keep it looking nice. If your family would be interested in signing up for a week you can contact Shirley Lester and she will explain what we need to do and give you a week to work. It is your village and we should all work together to make it look nice.


If you have any questions on these exciting new updates in our village you can call Shirley Lester at 438-7447, LaMonica Henrekin at 438-6044 orLinda Brown at 438-2028.


We hope this helps you understand what is going on in our village and will make you proud of where you live! Have a wonderful summer and we hope you get out and enjoy the parks...


TARP Committee

Tampico Area Revitalization Prolects



Lloyd J. McElhiney and his wife Amy were our local historians and tour guides for the Ronald Reagan Birthplace & Museum for over a decade. Lloyd passed away on September 19, 2006. It has been a "dream" of Amy and Lloyd's to have a statue of Ronald Reagan, representative of his early years in Tampico, erected in the Ronald Reagan park. A memorial fund to achieve this goal has been established by TARP (Tampico Area Revitalization Project) through Tampico Centrue Bank. Donations may be sent to:
Tampico Centrue Bank
Attention: TARP,
Linda Brown
P. O. Box 607
Tampico, IL 61283        

Please make checks out to T.A.R.P.


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