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Articles & Local History > 1907 - Shredder Maims His Arm (Wm. Kilroy)

Tampico Tornado, Dec. 13, 1907 Pg2, Col. 5


William Kilroy's Arm is Mangled Quite Badly in the Gears of a Corn Shredder

William KILROY had his entire right arm nearly taken off in th deadly corn shredder at William Smith's farm north of Tampico last week Thursday. Mr. KILROY was helping run the shredder and in the afternoon a chain ran off a sprocket wheel. He attempted to put it back on and in so doing his metten was caught beteen the chain and the wheel aand his arm jerked into the sweftly revolving machinery. Half of the palm of his hand was mashed, the wrist unjointed and the arm broken above the wrist with other bad cuts and bruises. He showed remarkable nerve after the accident as  he walked to the house where the mangled hand and arm were bandaged and then rode the five miles here to a doctor's office where surgical aid was given. It is thought that none of the fingers will have to be amputated but that one or two may be stiff.

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