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Tampico Tornado, Dec. 13, 1907, Pg 2, Col. 5


The following letter from a couple that was recently married will give some idea how the merchants' prices and goods in Tampico compare with those in the city:

Galesburg, Ill.
Dec. 10, 1907

E. Parent, Tampico, Ill.

Dear Sir -

We have just arrived from Chicago today. We went through three or four large furniture stores and finally through Sears, Roebuck & Co. You have got them skinned on the prices and the quality of goods is far superior to any that we have seen lately. We will take that order of goods. We are forwarding the money to the bank this morning. Hoping that you will pack the goods carefully and not omit anything.

Yours truly,

James Dassett,
1961 Washington St.

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