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Articles & Local History > 1907 - Informal Tea Party (Myrtle Emmons)

Tampico Tornado, Friday, August 30, 1907




Tampico Tornado

Friday, August 30, 1907


Miss Myrtle EMMONS entertained a number of young ladies at her home on South Main Street last Friday evening. The affair being an infomral teal party. At six o’clock an elegant tea was served to the young ladies. For further information ask Minerva and Myrtle LEWIS. After tea they adjourned to th lawn and parlors where “compairson,” “imitative” and “laughable” were enjoyed. The jolly crowd with their sun shades raised high into the night left for the various choir practices and to do the town. All declare Miss Myrtle E. an up-to-date hostess. Those present were:


Misses Minerva LYON, Linnie DENISON, Myrtle LEWIS, Lily PITAWAY, Vera SUMPTION, Bessie DARNELL, Inez REMINGTON, May BURNS, Hazel DAVIS, Ruth BECKER, Daisy SEYMOUR, Myrtle EMMONS and Mina LYON.


Only a crowd of girls,

Even if they don’t wear curls;

Only a jolly little hostess,

And Minnie for our toastess,


Here’s saying good bye to Lily,

Ruth, Hazel and Myrtle L.

Vera mourns for her sleeping day,

He’s sleeping sound as a log.


When saying good bye to the “Twins,”

Our eyes with tears are dimmed,

Daisy was the invisible,

Which made all so dismal,


Linnie working for Uncle Sam,

Bessie and May washing tin pans,

Inez taking music lessons.

Myrtle E. scattering little blessings.


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