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Articles & Local History > 1907 - Tampico Met Defeat (baseball)

Tampico Tornado, Friday, August 30, 1907

The ball game playe here Tuesday between Walnut and Tampico was one of the best ever played on the local diamond and although Tampico again met defeat from Walnut it was no disgrace as the score was 1 to 0. The lone tally for the visitors was made in the first inning and was due to a couple of erros. Several times Tampico advanced a man to thrid but he died there. COLLINS pitched a splendid game and hits off him were few. FULLERTON caught fine and to the battery work and good support was due the hot contest.

TAMPICO                          WALNUT

                                                                           Olds H                                  Baker        
                                                                           Schauff                                 Hunt
                                                                           Gifford                                  Andrews
                                                                           Burden                                 O'Neal
                                                                           Fullerton                              Wilson T
                                                                           Olds L                                  Whitver
                                                                           Devine                                  A*quett
                                                                           Olds A                                  Larson





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