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Articles & Local History > 1932 - Pastor and Family Given Welcome

Tampico Tornado
Thursday, November 24, 1932



Nearly a hundred members and friends attended the reception given the new pastor, Rev. Warren MAXWELL and family, Friday evening. The affair was sponsored by the members of the K.Y.B Sunday school class. A bounteous picnic supper was served at 6:30 to about ninety. Rev. J. C. WEIR, pastor of the Christian church saying the blessing. The tables were decorated with small vases of  yellow chrysanthemums. The centerpiece was a basket of fruit, the basket being a pumpkin, cleverly hollowed out. This basket of fruit was presented to  Rev. and Mrs. MAXWELL at the close of the supper by Mrs. Fred SHANK as a gift from Mr.s Lovina BOOTH and Mrs. R. N. HELLIER. Rev. MAXWELL responded briefly.

At 8 o'clock, the following program was given upstairs, E. W. VICKREY announcing the numbers:

Several numbers by the orchestra composed of Mr. and Mrs. N. E. DENISON, William RUCK and Ralph and Lester CARLSON.

Address of welcome, E. W. VICKREY

Song of  Welcome. Original words to tune of  "Juanita," members of the Upsilon Lambda class with their teacher, Mrs. Fred SHANK, Mrs. R. F. WOODS, accompanist.

Reading: "An A**ring Dishwasher," Miss Arlene ESHELMAN

Selection by the orchestra.

Vocal Solo: "My Mother's Bible," Hazel HIGLEY, accompanied by Mrs. N. E. DENISON.

Reading: "Tell Him Now," Alice BOWMAN.

Men's Quartette, "Brighten the Corner" and"The Riches of Love," Ed BERGE. Will SHERE, Oscar WETZELL and R. N. HELLIER.  Accompanied by Mrs. R. F. WOODS.

Vocal Solo:  "Beautiful Dreamer" and"Just Been Wondering," Mrs. J. M. CONROY. Accompanied by Mrs. R. F. WOODS.

Selection by the orchestra.

Reading: "Trouble in the Amen Corner," Mrs. Fred SHANK.

Vocal Solo: "A Brown Bird Singing" and "I Love a Little Cottage," Miss Glendine NEILL, accompanied by Mrs. R.F. WOODS.

Reading: "A Little Girls Letter to God," and "The Purple Cow," Corene BROWN.

Short talks were given by H. H. COLBY representing the men's bible class: A. E. BENNETT, teacher of the young men's class; Rev. J. C. WEIR, pastor of the Christian church and Rev. R. E. CLEARWATERS, pastor of the Baptist church.

Girl' Quartette, "Ivory Palaces," Carolyn COLBY, Edith Schneider, Bernadine WHEELOCK and Maxine YAHNKE. They were accompanied at the piano by Myrtle OETZEL.

Rev. Maxwell then gave a short talk, thanking those present for the reception, after which E. W. VICKREY presented Rev. and Mrs. MAXWELL with a beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums. Mrs. MAXWELL responded.

The program was brought to a close with several numbers by the orchestra. The whole affair was a decided success and was the result of **** of work on the part of K Y B class who served the supper and arranged the program, the numbers of which were furnished by the various classes in the church.



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