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Articles & Local History > 1929 - Another Deplorable Accident in Clinton Takes Toll, Tampico People Victims

Historical Newspapers > Thomson Review (Thomson, Illinois) 1929 December 5

Mr. & Mrs. E. D. McCLURE of Tampico killed and Mrs. Susie SIPPLE also of Tampico seriously injured, the outcome of an automobile collision which occurred near the Curtis factory, of Clinton, about 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, when they were enroute home from a family dinner given in the home of their sister, Mrs. Walter GREEN and husband of Camanche. The three ladies were sisters. Near the Curtis plant a large Buick sedan headed in from a side street, ramming the Ford car of the McCLURES on the left side - Mrs. McCLURE was at the steering wheel, while her sister was at her side inthe front seat. Mr. McCLURE being in the rear seat. Mrs. McCLURE passesd away shortly after reaching the hospital, while Mrs. SIPPLE was terribly injured.  



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