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Minutes for: August 20, 2007


Meeting called to order: 12:00 p.m.


Attendance: Mary A. Batten; Denise McLoughlin; Shirley Lester; Terry Gaskill; Gary Johnson; Jerry Schindel; Judy Jacobson


SECRETARY’S REPORT: Approved as read


TREASURER’S REPORT: Read by Gary Johnson. Approved as read. (attached)




Mary Anne read the original description and mission statement of the TALRPC.





  • Terry Gaskill noted the Thursday evening Domino Night game is very successful. It was voted at their last meeting, starting July 1, 2007, the TACB will donate their proceeds to the Tampico Area Historical Society’s roof-repair fund.
  • Mississippi Belle trip went well.
  • There are plans to repair the letters on the exterior of the Community Building by Gary Martin and Terry Gaskill.


COMMUNITY CLUB: Gary Johnson reported: They met on August 6, 2007 in the Dutch Diner. Eleven people were present and enjoyed a game of Bingo. There will be no meeting in September because of the Labor day holiday.  Next meeting is scheduled for October 1, 2007.


LIBRARY: Mary Anne Batten reported: no new business. They continue to play Mexican Train Dominoes on the first and third Tuesday of the month.


WOMEN’S SOCIAL CLUB: Shirley Lester stated there was nothing new to report.


TAMPICO AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY & MUSEUM: Meet the 4th Tuesday of month @ 7 p.m. in Historical Society. Gary Johnson reported:

  • Next meeting will be August 28, 2007, held in the Community Building at 6 p.m. This is the annual “Pot Luck” picnic. Bring your own tableware & a dish to pass. Guest speaker: Steve Moser, Site Superintendent, Hennepin Canal Parkway. He will be speaking on the history of the canal and the up-coming Centennial Celebration on September 8, 2007.
  • Mexican Train Domino Night Fundraiser will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2007, in the TAHS museum building, 119 Main Street, Tampico, IL. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. – Game begins at 6:30 p.m. Prizes, refreshments and a 50/50 drawing. Advance sales available for tickets. $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. Contact: Joan Johnson, 815-438-7581, email: garyjoan@thewisp.net  or any TAHS member.
  • Annual Yorktown Cemetery Walk will be held in October, with date to be announced.
  • The TAHS has submitted a request from Hamburger Helper.com for a $10,000 grant to pay for the much-needed new roof on the historical museum and library. If you are able, please visit the website, http://www.myhometownhelper.com/  Click on “Find a project” and type in Illinois, Tampico, then click on “New roof for Tampico Historical Museum & Town Library.” Scroll to bottom of page to “Add a Comment In Support.” Fill in required information (Name, email, birth date). Scroll down a little further, click on “agreement.” Then scroll down further to write your comment. You are encouraged to leave a message on your support, which can then be viewed in the left sidebar of page after you click on “Add your comment.”
  • The archive-safe newspaper boxes and sleeves have arrived. This project was paid for by the Tampico Lions Club.
  • Denise McLoughlin passed around print-out of all of the new entries posted on the TAHS website for the month of August.


REAGAN BIRTHPLACE & MUSEUM: Gary Johnson reported the Birthplace has been very busy!

  • Through the end of July, 2007,  there were 1266 visitors from 40 states and 12 foreign countries, plus 3 Canadian provinces.
  • August has also been busy. There were 7 sailors from USSRonald Reagan, plus one spouse and child visiting on Friday. They were very interested and interesting.
  • Mr. W. Whalen, owner of the Birthplace building, and his son, were visitors on Saturday. He took notes and seemed quite impressed.
  • It was noted how much the volunteers were appreciated. As of the end of July, 2007, there have been 1019 volunteer hours. If you would like to be a part of this great group of volunteers, please contact Joan Johnson.



  • There will be an entry in the Prophetstown parade, November 17, 2007, with the “Royalty” riding on the float.
  • If there is enough interest expressed, they will have Santa come and new Royalty chosen on the first Saturday of December. “New Blood” is needed to coordinate and continue this event. Contact: Joan Johnson  815-438-7581 or garyjoan@thewisp.net
  • NEW BUSINESS – Mary Anne Batten will contact G. Sandrock, suggesting the use of his Elevator office building for a “Craft Store” during the holiday season.


LIONS CLUB: They meet the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. New fiscal year begins September 10, 2007. Meeting is scheduled to be held in the Dutch Diner as usual. However, with the pending sale of the Dutch Diner,  it is unclear as to where they will meet later.


THPAC:  Meet the 2nd Wednesday of month @ 7 p.m. in Historical Society.

  • An “unofficial” meeting was held on Wednesday, August 8, 2007. The agenda for the evening was to identify the needs of the businesses and buildings on Main Street that could benefit from our organization. Denise McLoughlin passed out packets which contain information on various types of grants available. Each member was asked to review the criteria required to apply for said grant and report back as to whether we qualify. Mary Anne Batten will be reviewing “Preserve America” to see if we can first become a “certified Preserve America” town, which is a pre-requisit to any of their grants. Denise Mickelson has been searching for and reviewing many types of grants that could benefit all of the organizations and/or buildings/businesses in town. Denise Mickelson also noted that the Ambulance building, built in 1903, is scheduled to be torn down before this winter so they can build a new facility. Denise McLoughlin is looking into options/possibility to salvage the façade and move it to the Historical Society property.
  • Denise McLoughlin asked the Village of Tampico if it would be possible to add a 6th member to the organization. Linda Taets, Village Clerk/Treasurer, informed her that the Village Ordinance would have to be changed to allow additional members and it was not recommended that there be an even number of members, for voting purposes. It has been difficult to get enough members to attend the meetings to equal a quorum. Karen Dever is interested in joining the group and has been helping “behind-the-scenes” with Denise Micklson on various projects. Linda Taets said “The Village” would have to say “no” to the request at this time and we would need to wait until the term  of a member expired and if they declined to continue their membership, it would create an opening for a new member. Or, if a member resigned, it would also create an opening.
  • Since the resignation of David and Angela Beech, it has not been possible to re-elect officers, due to lack of attendance.


T.A.R.P. Shirley Lester reported the park dedication went very well. Mary Anne Batten expressed how beautiful the certificates were and what a wonderful job Don Lester did creating them.



  • Jerry Schindel reported they currently serve 20 families.
  • The group has purchased school supplies for grades 1 – 7.
  • They donated money to the high school.
  • They are in need of a Treasurer for the group. If interested, contact Jerry Schindel.


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The Village of Tampico has notified the owner of the old Tampico Bank building on the south west corner of Main street that he should contact the village if/when he intends to sell the building. There had been a “deal” pending but a lack of response from the owner has negated the offer from the village.



  • Giving Tree – Shirley Lester will be meeting with Kay Lancaster, Denise Mickelson & Dixie Myers to discuss plans for the Christmas project.
  • The “Old Fashioned Tea Party,” held on July 29, in Reagan Park and sponsored by The Giving Tree was a huge success. Photos can be viewed online: http://picasaweb.google.fi/TampicoHistoricalSociety/GivingTreeTeaPartyJuly07   The young ladies came in their fanciest hat and dressed for tea. A huge box was provided, with feather boas, high heel shoes, purses, tussy-mussies, and other accessories for the them to sort through. Once they had chosen the proper attire and had their make-up done, they had a fashion parade, and then sat down to peanut butter sandwiches cut into assorted shapes, mini muffins and cupcakes and assorted treats, and drank sweet tea. The place-settings included glass slippers filled with mini-m&m’s. Relay races, a game of “telephone” and musical chairs was played, with each girl going home with some kind of prize.  It was such a fun-filled day and it is hoped it will become an annual event. They are now working on a special day for the boys.           
  • Hennepin Canal Centennial Celebration – The TALRPC is sponsoring a fishing derby, held at the canal on Rt. 172 in Tampico. The derby is from 10-12 noon. Children up to age 15 can participate. There will be first and second place prizes for the largest fish and first place prize for most fish caught in each age group. Each child will receive some type of prize for the day. Contact Shirley Lester if you would like to help or donate.
  • Gary Johnson announced that Black Hawk Waterways is having a dinner on September 9, 2007. Cost is $20.00 per person.
  • After the meeting was adjourned, we went to Dr. Shah’s office and presented him with a plaque, in recognition of his 25 years of devoted service to Tampico.



Meeting adjourned: 1:10 p.m.


Next Meeting: September 17, 2007 in the library



Denise McLoughlin, Secretary


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