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PROPHETSTOWN ECHO, Prophetstown, Illinois            -1916

Jan 1        - Mrs John Mien and sister Miss Pearl Allen, Mable Allen m. Howard Rapp.

Mar22        - Mrs W W Hubbard of Chicago, sister of Miss Ida Lane, arrived in town Sat.
              eveing to see her father who is not gaining strength very fast, having been ill for
              several months past. Mrs. Hubbard is one of the survivors of the Eastland.
             - Mrs Irene Brill of Tampico.

May 16       - William Lane died . . ~. (see copy)

Jull 5       - Earl Fee and Stella Kauffman married Tues. last week at Morrison, son/Thomas
and dau of Mrs Grace Kauffman.
             - John W Glassburn, father and founder of the village of Tampico, is 82 years old.
             - Executive Notice - re Lane (see copy)

Jul 12       - Mrs Sarah G Lane, mother of Frank P Dudley, has purchased the lot of Earl
which adjoins the Dudley lot on the west, and which has been occupied
              by the cement block factory for several years, and will build a cement block
              bungalow thereon, commencing right away.
             - Mrs William Cox was operated on in her home in Prophetstown.
             - Orson Bound, son/Mr/Mrs L J Bound was bitten on the arm by a dog.

Jul 25       - Timothy Conner

Aug 9        - Miss Lillie Lane returned home from her Washington DC visit, accompanied by her
              uncle, J. A. Lane, brother of her father.

Aug 16       - A J Lane was a passenger home to Wash. D.C. Monday. Mr. Lane was married
              the day before he left Washington to come west with his niece Miss Lillie Lane
              who visited him several weeks. Tyler Lane is of the opinion he needs to return not
              only because of his mathage, but probably because of strike.

Sep 6        - Dr .0 E LaDue and family of Ottawa came to visit his parents F M LaDue and wife
              and also Dr S B LaDue who recently located in Prophetstown and has an up-to--
              date office in dental surgery

Oct 18      - Irene Allen, daughter of Ralph Allen married Harold Kenneth Hill last Thursday.

Nov 1       - Tyler Lane on the road much

Nov 15      - John Hunter now of Omaha Nebraska, falls down a flight of stairs with little hope
                 of recovery

Dec 27      - Administration Sale: The undersigned in order to settle estate of William Lane will
                 sell at Public Auction on the William Lane place, 8 miles southeast of
                 Prophetstown, 3 1/2 miles northwest of Yorktown, Wednesday, January 19
                 1917, commencing after free lunch at noon, the following described property:
                 60 bu Timothy seed, 20 tons Tame Hay, 1800 bu. corn, stack of straw,
                 2 hogs, 28 herd cattle, 9 calves, 1 1 cows, I bull, 5 heifers, binder, corn
                 Terms -- see bills                W. C. Lane, Adm
                 C J Warner, Clerk

February 2006
The above was done some time in the 1980s.
Some data I was able to machine copy and
is not in this work. Not all names have been
extracted, only those who I thought pertained
to my family at the time and a few others.

Melva L Taylor
8129 Deerwood Rd
Clarkston Michigan 48348


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