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PROPHETSTOWN ECHO - Prophetstown, Whiteside County, Illinois
Some Extractions for the Year:  1917

Jan 17      - At the home of L J Bound who lives south of town 5 miles, there was a gathering
                 of neighbors for the purpose of having a good time
            - Leon: The Adm. sale on the Lane farm last week marks one of the last steps in the
                 closing up of the affairs of the estate. In spite of the weather, a good crowd
                 was in attendance and auctioneer Devenney with his usual wit and will, kept
                 them in good spirits and bidding with spirit.

Jan 24      - Leon: Fred Cox has been in the hospital at Monmouth for two weeks with a bad
                 case of pneumoni& His father, Sylvester Cox, has been with him. The doctor's
                 feel encouraged and hopeful. Mr Cox has been working for Christ in the
                 Salvation Army where he has won many victories.
            - Leon: Leon Farmer's Community Club - Pres: F M LaDue; Social Committee:
                 F M LaDue and Mrs Clark Lane; Program Committee: Mrs F M LaDue

Feb 7       - Leon: Clark Lane expects to move over to his new place at Leon Corners within a
                 month. He affirms that it is at least slightly inconvenient to live three miles
                 from whence one has to do chores and that he will be more than glad to be
                 close to his work.

Feb 21      - Leon: Sylvester Cox spent the weekend at home and returned to Monmouth early
                 Monday morning to be at the bedside of his son Floyd, who has been waging
                 such an abrasive battle for life and health. As soon as the sufferer is sufficiently
                 strong to make the journey, he will be brought home, where surrounded by
                 relatives and friends, it is hoped the environment will be a potent factor in
                 bringing about a speedy recovery.
            - Centerville: Miss Ida Lane spent Sat and Sun. with friends in Prophetstown.

Mar 7       - Leon: On his return to the hospital at Monmouth Monday of last week, Sylvester
                 Cox found his son, Floyd, sufficiently improved to make the journey home and
                 at once made arrangements for his removal. Floyd stood the jurney very well
                 and since has been grandually but steadily improving.
            - Leon: Mrs Grace Woodworth has been called home to be with Violet her 4 year
                 old daughter, who has been quite ill.
            - Dr S B LaDue is very ill with appendicitis and Sunday evening his case required the
                 attention of more than one doctor. He was suddenly taken and his case seemed
                 to be acute and he suffered greatly all night Monday he was a little easier.

Apr 18      - Centerville: Miss Ida Lane attended Teacher's Institute in Lyndon Saturday

May 9       - improving Much -- Miss Ida Lane is improving the home place to a considerable
                 extent this spring and in addition to the buildings of a barn 32x36 with 18'
                 posts which we made mention of last week, is also building a double corn crib 24x24 with 10' post and a hog house 24xz20. All buildings will be floored with concrete and a foundation of same. Henry Wildman has the
                  contract for the set of buildings. H C Adams the concrete work.

May 30       - Civil War List: Charles Lane, William Lane

July 18      - WW I Draft: Lyndon: 2175-Weber B Vandemark' 2137 Frank Carlton Elmendort
                  2155-Isaac Elmendorf;

Aug 1        - Dr S B LaDue who recently fitted up the best dentist parlors in northern Illinois, is
                  about to be called to duty in the war and to go away and leave his business.
                  In view of the facts that a person has to sacrifice life and go away and leave
                  family and friends, also let his business go to the dogs, don't it seem that
                  people are heartless who will indeed take advantage of such circumstances
                  to rob the people and that they have so little disregard for the government
                  under which they claim protection of the law, and which does protect even
                  the unworthy sometimes. It is one funny world, this in which we live.

Aug 8        - Taking Their Vacation: Dr S B LaDue is taking his vacation this week, spending the
                  time with his parents out on the farm. His assistant, Miss Cecil Martin, is
                  spending the week in Rock Falls with her sister, Mrs Non Murphy. He is
                  going to take the time to be with his parents and friends before going to war.
             - Estate transfer: Virginia Shaw to Walter S Hubbard, et a!. Lot in Prophetstown
             - SB LaDue spent a couple of weeks of camp life at Genesseo. He is now preparing
                  to go to the farm.

Aug 15       - Centerville: Lewis Winchell and family, Foster Winchell and family, and Will Hunter
                  and family, visited at home of Miss ida Lane Sunday.

Sep 19       - Lieut. S B LaDue who left for the cantonment at Rockford last week, has disposed
                  of his dental office business, to Dr. Myers of Chicago, a classmate of his,
                  and a graduate of the same school as Dr. LaDue.
             - Miss Lillie Lane, 1917 grad of Prophetstown high school attends Sterling Business
             - Auto for Sale: My Velie Speedster. Gone to war and can't use it, in good shape.
                  See it at Adams Garage and get price. S B LaDue.

Sep 26       - Leon: Miss Dollie Cox returned from Mendoto after 2 weeks visiting her cousin
                  Mrs Handly.
             - Centerville: Miss Ida Lane spent Sat and Sun with Wm Clark's in Hume.

Oct 10       - Centerville: Miss Ida Lane accompanied by Mrs Grace Woodworth and daughter,
                  Violet, motored to Sterling Sunday and spent the day with the Fitzgerald family


Oct 31      - Mrs S B LaDue was a passenger to Rockford Illinois, where she will visit her
                 husband for a short time at the cantonment.
            - Mrs Lou Woodworth, while on the street Monday night, fell and quite severely hurt
                 herself by falling with her face being badly bruised, caused by icy streets.

Dec 19      - Dr and Mrs S B Laflue are in town for his 7-day leave of absence

Dee 26      - Yorktown: Mr/Mrs F M LaDue entertained on Thursday evening in the honor of
                 Lieut. S B LaDue and wife. The evening was spent in visiting and music and
                 a three-course luncheon for good measure. The guests were Messrs and
                 Mesdames: Ralph Glassburn, Louis Roth, James Lowry, Charles Goodell,
                 Glen Brooks, Cliff Reynolds, and Misses Pratt and Florence Brants,
            - Friends of the Veterans elected officers: Jr Vice Commander - Clark Lane;
                 Camp Counselor-Clark Lane; Appointed officers-Outer guard-Frank Lane.

February 2006
The above was done some time in the 1980s.
Some data I was able to machine copy and
is not in this work. Not all names have been
extracted, only those who I thought pertained
to my family at the time and a few others.

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