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Articles & Local History > 1945 - Estate of Edward Devine

Dixon Evening Telegraph (Dixon, Illinois)

July 26, 1945 


To settle the estate of Edward DEVINE, deceased, Carlyle E. DEVINE, Trustee, will on Monday, August 27, 1945 At 2 o’clock P. M.


At the residend of William E. DEVINE, on the N. W. ¼ Sec, of Section 11 in Hahnaman Township, Whiteside County, Illinois, sell to the highest bidder the following described farm lands:

S. W. Quarter Sec. 2; S. E. ¼ Sec. 3 N. W. ¼ Sec. 11; N. E. ¼ Sec. 11; All in township 19N, Range 7 East, of the 4 P. M. Whiteside County, Illinois. Possession March 1, 1946.


The Trustee reserves the right to have sale approved by the Circuit Court of Whiteside County, Illinois.


TERMS OF SALE: 20% of slae price at time of sale, less discount at rate of 4% per annum to March 1, 1946; balance March 1, 1946, less mortgage encumberances which are to be assumed.


N. W. ¼ Sec. 11 is subject to mortgage for $74000.00 and N. E. ¼ Sec. 11 is subject to mortgage for $6400.00 to Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company; S. E. ¼ of Sec. 3 is subject to mortgage for $5000.00 to Prudential Insurance Company of America.


The land will be offered in quarter sections, combinations, and as a whole.


The highways adjacent to these farms are well graveled. Paved route No. 88 is about one mile west. Markets are close, Hahnaman about 3 miles, Deer Grove about 4 miles, Tampico about 7 miles, Sterling and Rock Falls about 10 miles. Each 160, except S. W. ¼ of Sec. 2 is  improved with good set of farm buildings. The land is in a very productive area and in a neighborhood of well-imporved farms. Abstract of title will be furnished to August 19, 1945, and the written opinion of Carl E  Sheldon, Attorney that abstracts show good merchantable title, subject to said mortgage encumbrances will be furnished.


This is a good opportunity to invest in a good stock or grain farm. Farm lands are the safest investment that can be made, especially Whiteside County farm lands. This is one of the few large tracts available in this section.


For further information see the Trustee or the Attorneys.



Deer Grove, Illinois

Sheldon and Brown, Attorneys, Sterling, Illinois

Everett Johnson, Auctioneer, Ohio, Illinois

Harry E. Keefe, clerk, Deer Grove, Illinois


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