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Articles & Local History > 1913 - Tampico

Excerpt from booklet: Corn Lands Make Men Rich, Bollenback & Ireland, Delavan, ILL & Tampico, ILL.


Is another wide awake Whiteside county town. It is a great market on the C. B. & Q. R. R. with interurban line direct to Chicago, with paved streets, waterworks and electric lights. It has a population of  1,000 and is growing at a lively clip.

From May 1st, 1911, to April 20, 1912, there were shipped out of Tampico in cattle and hogs alone, 94 carloads of cattle and 234 car loads of hogs.

Much of the land we have for sale is situated near these cities and we tell you about them in order to show you just how near you will be to splendid markets, over good country roads, so you can get your grain in when the market is at its best.

Have You Ever Thought of This?

The population of the world doubles every 20 years. A baby is born every 20 minutes, but no more land is made for it. The land factory is closed and the Lord is out of the real estate business. Babies and immigrants continue to come; the demand for our land increases, but there is no more land. Now is the time to buy, at present prices for land is advancing in price and selling very fast.    ca 1913


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