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Articles & Local History > 1927 - Booth Family Reunion

Tampico Tornado, Thurs., Juen 23, 1927

The BOOTH family reunio9n, held this year in Princeton,  on June 12,  will be held next year in Tampico. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DILLON.

The reunion this year was a delightful affair, the day being pleasant and the hospitable  home of Mr. and Mrs. Mearns BOOTH was filled with visiting members of the family. A bounteous dinner was served at noon and a musical program,  with several talks and reminiscent stories by various members of the family.

Those present were the host and hostess,  Mr. and Mrs. Mearns BOOTH and Mrs. BOOTH's brother,  Alex SITUCK, Princeton; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur BOOTH and daughter Delphine, Little Valley, N. Y. ; Mr. and Mrs. Alex THACKABERRY, Thomas, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. George HAMILTON, son Kenneth and daughter Bessie, and Miss Vera BOOTH of New Bedford;  Mr. and Mrs. H. H. WAITE, daughter Harriette, Mr. and Mrs. OLMSTEAD and Marion, Prophetstown; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DILLON, Tampico;  Mrs. Anna BOOTH, Mrs. Lou HOY, son Donald and daughter Helen, from Shannon; Mr. and Mrs. C. A. BOOTH, daughter Jane, A. D. BOOTH and Mrs. Emma WOODFORD, Morrison;  Mr. GRIFFITH of Shannon, Ill.;  and Merle DYSHER of Montecello, Iowa were guests of some of the relatives present.

The guests left for their homes at 5 o'clock hoping that all could meet in Tampico in 1928.

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