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Articles & Local History > 1966 - Clark Lane Celebrates 90th Birthday

Submitted by Gail I. Anderson

Prophetstown Echo Saturday. May 21, 1966


Clark Lane To Mark 90th Birthday May 28


An area friend, Clark Lane will be 90 years “young” Saturday, May 28, and his family and friends will be hosting him at an open house in his honor Sunday. May 29 from 2 to 5 in the afternoon at the homestead place of the Clark Lane family, where his granddaughter and family, Mrs. Audrey Curry lives in the Leon Community of rural Prophetstown.

          Family members report he is looking forward to the day and all area friends are cordially invited.

It is fortunate the open house event will be a normal day of relaxation as spring planting time is one of the favorite seasons of the honoree and the usual visitor would find him happily at work on a tractor on his son’s farm.

          He officially moved to a city home in Prophetstown several years ago in retirement from full time duty on the farm, but whenever the opportunity presents itself he enjoys being back at his favorite hobby in chores on the farm.

          Clark Lane is the son of the late William and Elizabeth Lane early pioneer settlers of Whiteside County who came originally to the city of Yorktown which is reported was the only established rural township of that early date with the cities of Prophetstown and Tampico not yet existing.

          Family members report Clark remembers going with a team to Sterling in the days that it was just a small town over rural non-established roads.

          He attended a one room school in the Leon Community and his entire lifetime is filled with memories of this locality which has always remained his home.

          He married Fannie May Fee, a Prophetstown school teacher, with the couple repeating their vows at the home of her parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Fee who at that time farmed near the Coon Creak area of suburban Prophetstown.

          Paul Lane was their only child and he and his family also are farmers of the Leon Community. The honoree also has two granddaughters, Mrs. Gerald (Leona) Rebert, who lives near Tampico but has a Prophetstown address and Mrs. Audrey Curry, who resides at the Lane family homestead farm where the open house event will be held.

          There are six great grandchildren who are, Rodney, Roland, Connie and Corinne Rebert and Michael and Rae Lynn Curry.




Pictured is Clark Lane, Who daily demonstrates his 90 years of pioneer-bred youthful zest in living and doing. Standing besides the tractor with the honoree in his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lane of the Leon Community, a rural suburb of Prophetstown. Family and friends are holding an open house in honor of Clark, Sunday, May 29 and all area friends are cordially invited to attend. Courtesy of Prophetstown Echo.

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