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Articles & Local History > 1957- Pastor Swaney leaves

Methodist Church


Tampico Tornado - June 27, 1957



Rev. Stockton Swaney, who has served as pastor of the Methodist church for the past four years, has retired and taken a supply charge at Ashton. He preached his last sermon here on Sunday morning before a large congregation. Edward Berge and Oscar Wetzell sang a special number with Mrs. Ivan Bishop at the organ.

Following the service a farewell fellowship dinner was held in the church dining room, attended by a large group of friends, and church members.

At the close of the meal, Paul Wetzell, acting leader, referred to the Swaneys as taking good care of us, and called upon Arthur Davis, Sunday school superintendent, who stated the church had grown in fellowship during their stay and wished success for them in their future future work, closing with “May God Always Be With You.”

Mr. George Peterson spoke in behalf of the WSCS, expressing appreciation to Rev. and Mrs. Swaney for their help and the hope that they would be able to return for some future anniversary celebration of the church. She presented a gift to Mrs. Swaney from the society.

Fred Scott, speaking for the trustees, wished them a pleasant stay in their new charge.

Rev. Swaney responded and told of the pleasure both have employed while living here and working with members and friends of the church. He explained why they had asked for a smaller church, and told of the retirement ceremony held at the Rock River conference, and in referring to the badge he received, he said “I am both glad and proud to wear it.”


He told something of the new minister, Rev. H. J. Halverson, who is being transferred here from Paw Paw, and of his family. He urged all to give them their full support and expressed he (sic) and Mrs. Swaneys (sic) happiness at having been assigned to Ashton.


Mrs. Swaney had told of the pleasures she had enjoyed and spoke of the hardship of a minister's wife at having to break ties at a time like this. She said she was happy, though sad at leaving.


A. E. Bennett spoke briefly for the church.


The ladies who served in the kitchen were called in and given a hand of appreciation for their services.


Mrs. Clifford Casson presented a gift to Mrs. Swaney from the Active Booster circle and Mrs. Arlie Love, a gift from the Loyalty circle. As a parting gift, a purse from the entire group was presented to the honorees by Fred Scott.


Rev. Swaney expressed their thanks and said it is hard at moments like this to leave, having so many friends here, and closed with the benediction.


Many of their friends lingered to visit a moment with them and bid them farewell.

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