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Methodist Church

Tampico Tornado
June 27, 1957
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At the session of the Rock River annual conference of the Methodist church in Chicago last week, Rev. Stockton M. Swaney, who has been pastor of the Tampico and Leon Methodist churches for the past four years, was appointed to the Ashton Methodist church. In an impressive ceremony Friday evening, he and six other ministers were given the Retired Relation in the conference. He will serve the church at Ashton as a supply pastor. The tentative date set for Rev. Swaney to move is July 3rd.

At the same session, Rev. Henry J. Holverson, pastor of the Methodist church in Paw Paw, was appointed to the Tampico-Leon charge. He and his wife and their three daughters and one son will be at the two local churches next Sunday for the first services of worship. Rev. Holverson comes highly recommended by his fellow ministers who know him and by Dr. R. Merrill Powers, superintendent of the Joliet-Dixon district of the Methodist church.

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