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Friday, December 25, 1903

Power House Site for Tampico's Electric Road is Purchased at Rock Falls

The Rock Falls & Southwestern electric railway, the road which is projected through Tampico, Yorktown and Hooppole, has purchased the old Payson place in Rock Falls on the river bank, formerly occupied by Attorney J. W. White and it will be the site of the car barns and power plant of the electric road. The purchase of the property is another evideence that the road has financial backing and will be built.

The power house will be of brick and work will be begun on it as soon as the weather permits. The other power house will be located at Atkinson.

Mr. Massey, president of the construction company, who will build the road, has arrived in Roc Falls and rented a residence, whre he will reside during the construction of the line.

The route of the electric line south of here is not yet fully decided by the company. The plan was to go west on Kimball street three miles and then south. E. W. Dow of Rock Falls was here last week and was working to secure right-of-way on the road direct south. There are more houses on this road, while on a three-mile stretch of the other route there are no houses. The company favors the road straight south. 





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