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Articles & Local History > 1903 - Instructions to RFD Patrons

Friday, December 25, 1903

instructions to R. F. D Patrons

The following extracts are copied from the book of instructions issued by the post office on rural free delivery: "Patrons on the routes should follow them and help make life pleasant for the faithful carriers, who brave every kind of weather to deliver mail.

"Each box must be erected by the roadside so that the carrier can easily obtain access to it without dis****** from his vehicle. **************************** ************************ ************************* except in the cases of registered mail, special delivery and pension letters. The patrons are expected to meet the department half way, by affording the carriers every facility for the performance of their duties by keeping the roads open after heavy snowfalls and by using their influence with proper authorities to maintain them in good repair at all seasons of the year and under all sorts of weather conditions.

"Rural carriers are required to take with them on their trips, for the accommodations of their patrons, a sufficient supply of stamps, stamped envelopes, postal cards and newspaper wrappers.

"The carrier is empowered to register letters or packages and to deliver the same, giving and taking the proper receipt on forms provided. He is also authorized to accept money for money orders, giving receipts therefore.

"There are some things that patrons can do to help the carrier make time and assist him in other ways, viz: Keep supplied with stamps, or, better, stamped envelopes. Don't put pennies into the box, this is a source of great annoyance and delay and cold fingers in the winter. Then, again, the farmer might help the carrier and his farm would look much better if he would keep the weeds and hedges cut and trimmed, also when the roads are rough after a rain, take a drag and drive over them once or twice. This would not take the farmer long and would greatly help the carrier and his horses; also to have a pleasant look or word - the the carrier when he comes."



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