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Articles & Local History > 1903 - New Bedford "Country Correspondence"

Friday, December 25, 1903



New Bedford -

  • S. A. ANDERSON sent to Manlius last Friday
  • L. OBERSHELP and daughter, Miss Maude, went to Mississippi last week.
  • Frank MORRISSY, of Gold township was in town last Monday.
  • David SLY, of Tampico, was seen on our streets last Monday.
  • Percy HAYES came back from ****Salle last Monday to spend Christ****
  • Andrew SWANSON moved into new house last Monday.
  • Orville WEBB started for Wisc***** last Monday.
  • The revival meetings  for the C***** church were closed last Sunday evening.
  • Beach TAYLOR is improviing very ***** and will soon be able to be at w***** again.
  • The stockholders of the New Bedford Creamery company hel  to **** semi-annual meeting and election **** officers last Saturday. The officers are: President, Wm. HART; secretary, W. C. DALE; treasurer, Mrs. P. SEIB**; directors, Bent MUNSON, Swan M**son, Geo. FENN, Alfred CROSELL and John ROLLO. They paid out ne***** $14000 during the last year and it **** up-to-date creamery in every respe***.




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