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MARGARET (STURM) MCKENZIE - She was born in Oceola, IL, the daughter of James and Mary Sturm. With her parents and two sisters she moved to Tampico in 1900 and graduated from Tampico High School in 1901.

Margaret Sturm and Roy E. McKenzie were united in marriage at Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1906 and resided in Tampico all their lives except for one year in Moline, IL.

Mr. McKenzie passed away in 1958.

Mrs. McKenzie has two daughters, Mrs. Robert (Mary Lou) Schmitt and Mrs. Dale (Ruth) Kelly, both of Tampico. She has four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

The following was contributed by Les Niemi:

Subject : Roy E. McKENZIE Information
Date : Wed, 10 Oct 2001 22:10:55 EDT
I saw your Local History post on the Tampico Web Page regarding Margaret and Roy E. McKENZIE (who is a relative of mine - thru his grandmother, Emily DOW.) Here's some clips from the Tampico Tornado newspaper.

Hope you enjoy them,

September 15, 1900
Edited by Nellian COLLINS
Miss Lena FORWARD was absent last Thursday on account of sickness
Miss Jennie BURDEN was absent Monday.
Miss Mary RICHARDSON was chosen organist of the week
The German and Latin classes are progressing very rapidly in their new studies.
The thermometer registered 89º Monday afternoon in the High School department.
Roy McKENZIE is getting to be a first-class bass singer. He is under the personal management of T.J. WYLIE and we all hope before long he will be prepared to render some of his favorite solos.
It would be a good plan to begin our Literary meetings again. Last year they were all a success.
Tampico may well boast of her fine singers in any of the schools around. If you would like to hear some excellent singing you should be here when the Prof. is absent from the room and you could hear all kinds of melodious voices ranging all the way from the lowest bass note ever discovered to the highest pitch in soprano.
The girls have began talking of skating already and wishing it was winter again.
Jas. BRECKENRIDGE's duty Tuesday was in the potato patch and consequently was detained at home.
Gid. LOVE was absent a few days this week.
Mary RICHARDSON was absent Wednesday afternoon until 11 o'clock helping her mother with the mail.
Prof. BREWER is trying to work up some way of getting some new song books for his rooms. It is about time because we have used the old ones four or five years and when it comes down to the chorister selecting songs without the book and the scholars singing them, to say nothing about the organist playing without the music, we think there should be a change very soon.
H.A. MAXFIELD visited the High School Thursday.
Several of the Latin class are having trovbles [sic] of their own.

September 7, 1901
Roy McKENZIE and Tracy WYLLE took in the Sterling fair Wednesday

February 1, 1902
The W.C.T.U. will give a fifteen cent tea at Mrs. Roy McKENZIE's on Friday night, Feb. 8.

February 22, 1902
The Gypsie's Secret, a drama of four acts will be given by Tampico home talent in BURDEN's opera house on Saturday night, March 1. The proceeds will go the band and certainly the entertainment deserves to be well patronized. The following is the cast of characters:
Imogene Courtleigh, Jennie KNOX
Ginger-a gipsy [sic] waif, Grace SULLIVAN
Nancy Tyson, Mae ALLEN
Prudence Freehart, Nellie COLLINS
Horace Verner, Will COLLINS
Dink Potts, Bennie BRAINERD
Ira Courtleigh, Roy McKENZIE
Buck Tyson, James BRECKENRIDGE

January 10, 1903
Tampico's large delegation of college students returned to their respective colleges Monday and Tuesday. Leroy McMILLEN to Cornell college, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Carl RICHARDSON and Alfred THOMAS to state university; Misses Mary RICHARDSON , Darlene WEST, and Dollie TEACH, Northwestern university; Tracy WYLIE, Northwestern Pharmacy school; Roy McKENZIE, Brown's Business College, Galesburg; Nina RUCH, William and Nellie GRAHAM, Dixon college; Kathryn BURKE, Mary CURRAN and Julia HEINRICKEN, college at Lyons, Iowa; Leroy SHERE, Geneseo Collegiate Institute, Geneseo.

January 10, 1903
Jesse SHERE has gone to Geneseo to attend college.
John ANDERSON's baby has been quite sick.
Mrs. F.H. COOLEY has been visiting at J.H. COOLEY's in Hillsdale.
Roy McKENZIE spent a part of his vacation hunting rabbits in our vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. McGRADY and Mrs. Frank LANDWEIR took New Year's dinner at Barney McGRADY's.

March 14, 1903
Roy McKENZIE who attends business college at Galesburg, spent several days this week visiting his parents Mr. adn Mrs. R.H. McKENZIE.

June 6, 1903
Roy McKENZIE, who attends college in Galesburg, is expected home Saturday.

September 19, 1903
Mack PIERCE has moved to town and will occupy a part of the Samuel ADAMS house in the eastern part of the village. He will work in the R.H. McKENZIE's store, taking the place made vacant when Roy McKENZIE goes back to business college.

November 27, 1903
Roy McKENZIE who attends business college at Galesburg, spent Thanksgiving here the guest of his parents.

December 4, 1903
Roy McKENZIE returned to Galesburg, where he is attending school, Monday evening after spending a few days with his parents here.

December 25, 1903
Tampico's delegation of college students are all home for the holiday vacations. Among them are Alfred THOMAS, Robert ALDRICH, James CANTLIN and Carl RICHARDSON from the state university at Champaign; Clark McMILLEN from Ann Arbor, Mich., Tracy WYLIE from pharmaceutical college in Chicago and Roy McKENZIE from business college at Galesburg.



 Raymond H. McKenzie ran a Hardware & Implement business in Tampico for years. His son, Roy E. took over the business and later Roy's son-in-law, Robert E. Schmitt operated the business. This store was in service for 3 generations. Ray H. McKenzie, son of Oliver and Emily Dow McKenzie, the Pioneer of Yorktown, has two granddaughters now living in Tampico-Mary Lou Schmitt and Ruth Kelly (wife of Dale Kelly, President of the Tampico National Bank). Mrs. Roy E. McKenzie (Margaret) is one of the oldest citizens still living in Tampico. Robert McKenzie was born in Orleans County, New York in Dec. 1835. He was the son of John and Betsy Havens, a native of new York and Scotch descent. He came west with his parents in 1845 and settled in Bureau County, south of Tampico. After his marriage, Jan. 7, 1857 to Julia Wroten, he went to housekeeping at the old home in Yorktown and lived there till the spring of 1900, when it was necessary for him to retire. In 1907, he and his wife celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in their Tampico home. He served on the Vifiage board and was nearly 80 years old when he died. Their children were Stella, Clara, Nellie, Ernest and Maude. Stella married Alvin Pierce and they had Tracey and McKenzie Pierce. Clara married Fred Pierce and theirdaughter, Lula, was married to Ben Brainerd (they had a son). Nellie married Freeman Foy and they had two children (Clyde and Maude). Ernest married Blanche Greenman and they had five children: Bessie, Cecille, Frank Robert and Nellie. Maude married Charles Morrell and they had one daughter, Grace, who married Ed Johnson and they did not have any children. Bessie, the daughter of Ernest McKenzie, who was the son of Robert McKenzie, who was the son of John McKenzie, the Pioneer, still lives in Tampico as does her son, Archie Yarde, Jr. and his wife, the former Clemma June Buchanan, Archie, Jr. is employed by Continental Telephone Co. The late Edwin Pierce was a grandson of Stella McKenzie Pierce; great-grandson of Robert McKenzie and great- great-grandson of John McKenzie, the Pioneer. Judah Pierce, Jr. was born in Colerain, Mass. and moved to central New York when married in 1818. Later Trenton, New York was settled 2 miles up the river. He built a large tavern there on the stage line between New York and Buffalo and the railroad followed. Judah Pierce was appointed Colonel on New York's State Militia. All the family were buried there except John Lysander Pierce who is buried in Tampico as well as the rest of his descendants. He resided at Trenton, N.Y. until March, 1865 when he joined the tide of emigration westward and he located in Edgerton Rock County, Wis. The following year the family moved from that place to McHenry County, Ill, where they resided until March, 1868 when they moved to a farm near the blow.out southwest of Tampico. This farm was in the Pierce family for many many years. John Lysander Pierce married Maryette Hakes and they had the following children: Alvin, Stiles, Emma, Edna, Frank, Nathan, Colonel, Alta and Howard. Alvin Pierce married Stella McKenzie and they had two children. McKenzie L. (Mack) and Tracy. McKenzie (Mack) married May Winchell and they had one son, Edwin, who married Gladys Glassburn and they had one son, Gordon. Tracy married Lillian Kane and they had two children: Geraldine and Jack. McKenzie (or M. L.) Pierce ran a store at Yorktown and in Tampico for several years and so did his brother Tracy. Gladys Pierce, widow of M. L. Pierce's son, Edwin, still maintains a place cf business in Tampico.

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