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Tampico tornado, October 27, 1905 1;2


Mrs. Grace Foy Given the Paltry Sum of $2000 For Death of Her Husband

The  jury in the case of Mrs. Grace Foy of  this place against the Sterling Manufacturing Company brought in verdict Saturday afternoon for r$2,000 for her, and immediately after the rendering of the verdict the company moved for a new trial. The case was given to the jury Saturday morning at 11:30 o'clock after H L. Sheldon had completed his arguments for the  plaintiff. It was agreed among the attorneys that an hour and a half should be consumed by each in addressing the jury, and that the speech for the closing argument for the  plaintiff should be one hour. C. L. Sheldon of Sterling delivered the address to the jury closing the trial.

When H L. Sheldon had completed the speech to the jury in the opening plea, the attorneys for the company told the court that they had nothing to say to the jury and were willing to let the case go to the  jury without making a plea. In consequence the case was given to the jury after the usual instructions from the court. The jury retired at 11:30 o'clock and brought in the verdict at 1:30.

Te case grew out of Frank Foy being killed in an emery wheel accident in the plant of the Sterling Manufacturing company in Rock Falls about two years ago. An attempt was made to compromise the matter, and it was alleged that Mrs. Foy had been offered $5,000 for a settlement of the claim in the matter. Suit, however, was brought by Mrs. Foy through her attorneys against the company for $10,000. three days were consumed in taking  testimony in the case, it starting Wednesday morning.

Messrs G. R. Peak of Chicago and Stager & Stager handled the interests of the company and Grace  Foy was represented by Hon. H. L. Sheldon of Rock Falls and Sheldon & son of Sterling.


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